White Out Achievement

  • White Out



    Complete the first Conversion Gel test

    This achievement is story related and is not missable. It unlocks during Chapter 7.

  • The new gell.
  • i assume conversion gel is white and allows you to put a portal on any surface
  • @ #2 nice guess
  • i got it for covering the full level white but iam still stuck on the level u first use it
  • i got it for covering most the map as well. but to get up to the level above. look into the hole where the conversion is coming out. turn around and there should be 2 pillars. one with a railing one without. make a portal under the conversion then make your way to the bottom of the 2 pillars. then start making the portal climbing the inside of the 2 pillars so that the gel will slowly move up the 2 pillars. then when its at the top make a portal and go through. next look down the other side and make a portal on the tilted platform and jump and make another under your feet so it shoots you to the bigger platform to get to the elevator.
  • This is kinda handy. In the old Aperture with C Johnson, it's hard to see where you can pop a portal and where you can't. With this gell, it's easy to pop some portals on any surface. But the first test is hard if you don't see where to go. I got this Achievement when I was still figuring where to put the gell on, hah =)
  • I passed this level without getting the achievement. I solved it by shooting a portal on the ground in front of the EXIT door, then I jumped off the giant pillar and shot a portal under myself to fling myself into the air and land at the EXIT. I came back to the level to get this and covered the entire place with the gel. I didn't get it for that either. Once I put a portal on the tilted panel and shot myself through it from the giant pillars I got the achievement. I think you just need to get up the pillars and through that tilted panel and you should get it. Can anyone confirm this?
  • @ #7 Thats exactly how i got it :)
  • :note to self: never use "this" gell on hair..
  • @#7 To confirm, it is possible to miss this achievement by completing the level without using the tilted level, I had to do the same as you. Is it possible to add this information to the guide?
  • I can this confirm this one IS missable, contrary to what the guide states. I got it by complete accident so I'm not sure of the specifics, but it's missable and not story-related.

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