Air Show Achievement

  • Air Show



    Perform 2 aerial gestures before touching the ground in co-op


    There are numerous ways to do this. You can do this with the Excursion Tunnel which is by far the easiest. You just sit in the blue gravitational tunnel and do 2 aerial gestures. Or you can lay a portal directly below you and one right above you and keep falling through them and do 2 aerial gestures while your falling. You can also lay two portals on the ground and jump into one from a decent height and just go back and fourth between them. To do an aerial gesture press

  • This is easily first done in a spot early on in the co-op campaign where you will need to shoot a portal on the ceiling above you and on the ground where you stand. You will continuously fall through the 2 portals until your friend shoots his portal to shoot you across a pit. While falling through the portals, simply press up on the d-pad 2-3 times and achievement unlocked.
  • #1, that's true. But you can also pop 2 portals next to eachother on the ground and hop in one. Just gesture untill the Achievement pops up and jump out then.
  • you can also wait you get into one of those "Blue Air flow tubes"....whatever the hell the are..while your floating along just press up twice and get it that way
  • #3 i try it this way
  • It's much easier to do it as #3 did it. The excursion funnels move you fairly slowly, so it gives you lots of time to do the flips.
  • I need a co op partner. Hit me up! Gt: plnkfloydian

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