Portal Conservation Society Achievement

  • Portal Conservation Society



    Complete Chamber 3 in the Hard-Light Surfaces co-op course using only 5 total portal placements


    This can be gained in Course 3 - Chamber 3

    This achievement requires perfection. You can only use a total of 5 portals. Have one person only use the portals. You will have to lay 3 portals in the first room. Follow the directions of what portals to use so you don't make a mistake. The first portal () will be place against the wall to the left in the beginning of the course. If you walk up to the edge and look straight, The second portal () you want to place will be on the left wall out in the distance. You will see two rectangles where you can place your portals on. You will want to place your second portal on the farther one, right in the middle so it lines up with where the ball will drop out of.

    Once you have those two portals placed, have the other player walk slowly through the portal so he is halfway through each one. This player will now want to fall on the Hard-Light Bridge below him. He can die as many times as he wants. When he has done that, the other player will want to walk through his portal so he is halfway through as well. He will now was to place his third portal () on the wall where the Hard-Light Bridge is touching. If done correctly you will now be standing on the Hard-Light Bridge. Have the person below who is near the button press the button. The person above will catch the ball and but it in the spot where the ball goes. Make sure you don't walk through the door with the shield until your partner gets there.

    In the next area you will only have 2 portal placements left. The person who is placing the portals, walk towards the Aerial Faith Plate. Now line yourself up with it. Go as far as you can to the right (against the wall) and as close as you can against the water without falling in. Now look straight up and you will see a long rectangle you can place portals on and within that long rectangle are a bunch of rectangle squares. Place a portal () on the second square to the right, right in the middle. Now place your other portal () on the wall the Hard-Light Bridge is touching. Now you will have the Bridge on an angle straight in front of the Aerial faith plate. This next part applies to both people, but the person with the portal placements has to do this first try. The other player can attempt this as much as he wants.

    Line yourself straight with the Aerial Faith Plate. If you look down you will see a line you can line yourself up with. Now do a 90 degree turn to the right. Now you want to move to the left towards the Aerial Faith plate. Right when you touch the Aerial Faith Plate hold forward and you will be launched towards the angled Hard-Light Bridge and bounce towards the door. The achievement will unlock once both people have done this.

  • This one is actually fairly easy. Use 3 portals in the first room and 2 in the last. Piece of cake. Thanks to dschejms for helping me with this one.
  • does this mean 5 total for two people or five each?
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXUgbInwimA "That's an amazing guide I've found on YouTube. Very well done, and informative. No credit taken, all SoftlyAdverse's work. " And I took this from Lissica at achievementhunter.com
  • Was wondering if someone could help me get this one. I am having trouble with the 5th portal placement. My GT is Hayvock
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  • The first part of #3's video is best for the first room but the second part of this video is better for the second room. http://youtu.be/kvYDcApGTgk
  • Can someone do all the co-op achievments with me please ?mY GT is IITOOTHPiiCKII
  • any 1 need help with any of these send me a massage ill help
  • Ill help 2 ist part is easy last part can be tricky once you place the 4th on the brige place the 2nd after you go on the catapult then move north easy a couple inches and place the 5th portal closest to the left side as possible, note the brige should be at a angle, its best to go on the jumper from the right side and ince your way to the jump then immediately move right
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  • Anybody want to do this?
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  • http://www.youtube.com/user/UncleRodgersXBL This is my new youtube channel, It has a commentated video guide on how to get this achievement. If you need more help. Message my on Xbox GT: "Uncle Rodgers" and I will be happy to help. Thanks
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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvYDcApGTgk This video made it so easy! Took me forever watching the one posted on here
  • I'm with #23, I think the guide should be updated with this MUCH easier method.
  • THE MOST HORRID achievement ever. Took a million tries using this video's method, and a million more using another. Finally got it after hours of trial and error.
  • I need a co op partner. Hit me up! Gt: plnkfloydian
  • Be sure that when you walk in the room, you place the one on the room's interior wall (where the light bridge goes through) FIRST. Otherwise, if you place one, and then fall into the fluid while trying to place that one, you have quit out and retry.
  • I thought this would be a lot harder to get than it actually was.
  • Very late comment. But thanks again to #23. Way better video

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