Empty Gesture Achievement

  • Empty Gesture



    Drop your co-op partner in goo while they are gesturing by removing the bridge under them


    This can be gained in Course 3 – Test Chamber 1 and can be gained in either split-screen or over XBL.

    As soon as you start this chamber you'll see the light-bridge. Place a portal on the wall at the other end then one up above so it goes over the goo to your right. Then have you partner jump on and make their way across it until they're above the goo gap.

    Now have them make a gesture and while doing so, place your portal in a different location on the wall so the light-bridge is moved from under their feet, thus making them fall to their death.

  • For some reason me and my friend could only get this to work with a hard light bridge. Just have your friend stand on a HL Bridge that is over the acid/sludge, have him do any gesture then remove the bridge by switching portals and you get the achievement. Don't do what we did and keep trying on one of the occasional platform bridges that form when you hit a switch and wondering why it wasn't unlocking. Earliest it can be done is Co-op Course 4 which is where you first learn to use the hard light bridges.
  • Whoops, for the above, I meant Co-op course 3 is the hard light bridge chamber. We were playing course 4 when I typed this and guess I had that number stuck in my head.
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  • @1 "For some reason me and my friend could only get this to work with a hard light bridge." The acheivement is for a bridge....
  • Need help GT: nuupi luupi
  • Looking for people to finish co-op achievements! Must be older mature player GamerTag Blairlio

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