Party of Three Achievement

  • Party of Three



    Find the hidden companion cube in co-op test chamber


    This can be gained in Course 4 – Excursion Funnels Chamber 9 and can be gained in either split-screen or over XBL.

    This is pretty much at the end of the 9th chamber. Once you make your way through the last checkpoint gate use the Excursion Funnel to get across the first gap and make sure your partner blocks the turrets. Take the funnel to the end and look down to your right for a place to put another portal to carry on your journey.

    Place the portal and fall. As you enter the new area, you'll see a walkway to the left and a office type building to the right and then the gap you're going through inbetween them. Just before you reach the office, look left and re-direct the funnel so that you're now heading right along it.

    Just stay in the funnel and keep looking along the same wall as the office. A wall will open which will reveal the cube and the achievement will unlock.

  • :D
  • oooo.. i will find this!
  • It's... He's... not dead, then? Ratman would gladly unlock this chievo xD
  • the cake is a lie the cube is forever
  • Chamber 7, vid will be here soon.
  • @5 chamber 7 is for single player, this is a co-op achievement
  • Me and my friend have been looking everywhere for this thing. We already completed co-op. But didn't find the cube. The way the achievements are arranged, usually they are in order. That leads me to believe it's between Course 2, chamber 6 and Course 3, chamber 3.
  • what if it's in the start room at the begining of all courses
  • Excursion Funnels mission 9 towards the very end by the converabelt of none robots, have your partner put the light wall inback of the robots, where they just die their is a large gap between you, place the funnel next the the light and then you start to go backwards the area where cube is at will open up and achievement unlocked then you die by the spikes need help message my GT
  • for got to mention your partner will also get this achev
  • After I understood what you meant I was just doing it bit by bit with two controllers :D
  • @10 Mission 9? There are only 8 chambers in the excursion funnels course
  • Wait, do you mean in the disc room?
  • I have tried this twice now, with three accounts on my hard drive. I have initiated the hugs between them and made sure to do it inside of a test chamber, as GladOS doesn't seem to accept the hugs in the hub. Still no unlock. This leads me to believe that it can not be done in splitscreen.
  • sorry, wrong thread.
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  • i need help with this one and most of the coop achievements. I can help out anyone willing to help me out with any achievements they need too.
  • How do u fine this stupid cube
  • i need help with a few co op cheevs this is one and someone to help me beat co op
  • I'm willing to help with this one, I need it too my gamertag is oldboydanhass
  • Found this:
  • Anyone need this? Feel free to add me.
  • Looking for help with this plz, msg me on live willing to trade any cheevo. Ty
  • This is my new youtube channel, It has a commentated video guide on how to get this achievement. If you need more help. Message my on Xbox GT: "Uncle Rodgers" and I will be happy to help. Thanks
  • I need someone to do this with gt: nuupi luupi
  • Someone on CO-OP? GT: ZabijackyKafe
  • Awesome, I wish they had more areas that you don't have to access (like Ratman's dens) to encourage exploration.

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