Narbacular Drop Achievement

  • Narbacular Drop



    Place a portal under your co-op partner while they are gesturing


    This can gained in either split-screen or over XBL.

    To preform any gesture, simple press :udpad:and use the to to select what gesture you want to do.

    This can be done as soon as you're heading to the first course. While you walk along the platform towards the door to the left you'll see a portal slab on the floor in the corner. Have your partner wait here over the slab.

    Now head up and go through the door. Look to the right and you'll see another portal wall. Place a portal here and head back to your partner. Have them pull a 'wave' gesture and as soon as they do, put the opposite portal under their feet and the achievement will unlock.

  • Ooh, ooh, ooh! Do we get to save the Princess?
  • Is this a reference to something? @1 ...What?
  • @2 You don't know? The team that made Portal 1 was hired by valve from Digipen, their game that inspried Portal was called "Narbacular Drop" you played a princess trying to escape from the Den of some demon.., or something I have not played the game since Portal 1 came out. Anyways, you shot portals to get around.
  • What do "they" refers to ?
  • @4 The 'they' refers to your co-op partner. It's a gender vague pronoun!
  • Hah, good reference, Valve.
  • @5 Robots don't have gender. "while they are" should be replaced with "while it is"... Ha!
  • Just kidding. Waiting for this is killing me!
  • This was the original name for Portal when it was just Kim Swift's collage project.
  • @7 Prove it, sir! ^_^ I know a couple of real sexy robots that swear they're gender specific (they're just not telling which!) My toaster, for example, is male! Only a male robot would spit out toast like Vesuvius every time I used it! And, on a grammatical note, the 'they are' is also referring to the person playing the robot! And most people are either male or female! In theory!
  • It's sad that Kim Swift, the main developer of Narb. Drop, left before Portal 2 was released 3:
  • its the name of a game that was a senior project for some students that eventually got made into portal.
  • @7 did you just call GLaDOS an it?
  • its from that roll cage skin adverstisement, duh.
  • The earliest we found to do this is just after you complete the short training chapter you will enter the hub which is where you can go to each of the main courses. You will see a big screen to your left showing some stats, like steps taken, etc. You can have your friend stand on the one spot available on the ground that you can place a portal on. If you look straight ahead and up, you will see a door for course 2 where there is a little spot to place an exit portal. Have your friend do the one gesture you just learned in the training chapter and drop the entry portal under his feet.
  • FUN FACT 'Narbacular Drop' Reference: Original Title for Portal

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