Asking for Trouble Achievement

  • Asking for Trouble



    Taunt GLaDOS in front of a camera in each of the five co-op courses


    This can gained in either split-screen or over XBL.

    The first glimpse of what you need to do for this is at the end of the test chambers. When you reach the end you'll go into camera view of what GLaDOS is seeing. This is what you need to do in each of the 5 courses.

    Just get in front of a camera and do any gesture you see fit. As long as it goes into the camera view it counts.

  • ... So there's only 5 co-op courses?
  • or only 5 co-op courses that has a camera?
  • This can only mean one thing...time for teabaging
  • The above are getting it wrong...There are 5 co-op COURSES, each with multiple TEST CHAMBERS inside of them. If you look at the other achievements, it already tells you 2 of the courses are Velocity and Mass.
  • The 'You Saved Science' achievements hints at 35 CO-OP TCs. Maybe even 7 per course?
  • Yeah im guessing 7 TC's per course
  • there are 35 i think map`s
  • There are 5 courses. Course 1 has 6 chambers, Courses 2-4 have 8 chambers each. And we haven't reached Course 5 yet but will assume it has 5 chambers, as there are 35 total. It's not in the hub like all the other courses as far as we can see, so I guess it unlocks somewhere else or only reveals itself after you beat the first 4. So far I would say that each course should take 45 min. up to 90 minutes. The first one is by far the easiest so that went quick. But they get pretty damn tricky once you start adding repulsion gel and hard light bridges. Communication is imperative. But it's cool because there are lots of options to communicate and see your partner. Push Y and you can see a PIP view of your buddy's screen, and radial wheels can initiate countdowns, where you want them to sta
  • stand and where to look and place portals. Also I forgot to mention excursion funnels. Gotta love those.
  • The coarses are: Calibration (1), Team building (2), Velocity and Mass (3), Hard Light Surfaces (4), and I have dunno what the fifth on is ( note the numbers could be wrong I dunno calibration may not be in the numbers either)
  • 5th course is Mobility Gels. Just beat it
  • Their are 5 courses; start any course find a camera do any action (camera zooms in on you) the go back to hub and do another one, once the 5th one it will pop
  • so does that mean we only need to taunt 1 camera in each of the 5 courses???
  • @10 i dont think Calibration is a course calibration course is when you get the portal portal gun
  • I need someone to do co-op achievements and storyline with. Must have mic. Just add me.
  • Willing to help with all co-op achievements!! ADD G-tag JORD509
  • someone to this achievement ?? Where I find the doors?
  • @#17 u find them at the end of every test chamber.also, Impurestvirus was right the calibration course is not a course. as mentioned before, there are 35 testchambers and 5 courses. team building, mass and velocity, hard-light surfaces, excursion funnels and mobility gels. team building has 6 tcs, m and v has 8, hls (not half-life source) has 8, excursion funnels has 9 and mobility gels has 8.
  • To Clarify: You do not need to taunt GlaDOS in the last chamber for each course, just taunt in front of the first camera wherever it is. Then go back to the hub and repeat for the other 4 courses. You don't need to skip to the last like the guide says.

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