Rock Portal Scissors Achievement

  • Rock Portal Scissors



    Win 3 co-op games of rock-paper-scissors in a row


    This can be gained in Course 1 – Team Building Test Chamber 4 and can be gained in either split-screen or over XBL.

    First off you can only unlock the achievement if you initiate the gesture! You'll unlock this gesture when you start chamber 4. Now just face one another and choose the Rock, Paper & Scissors gesture on the right. You need to win 3 in a row and its all down to luck.

    If your guy cheers and jumps around then its a win, if he puts his head in his hands its a loss and if both of them shake their heads is a draw which does not count as a loss or win. See below for a little trick on how to get it faster.

    The game seems to cheat you out a lot when you reach 2 wins and the 3rd is always a loss. As stated above you must initiate the gesture for it to unlock BUT its does not matter when! I noticed that when your partner did the gesture, you would get 2 wins in a row most of the time!

    So have you partner initiate the gesture, let your guy get 2 wins, then you initiate the next one for the 3rd win in a row. You now have a higher chance on winning 3 in a row doing it this way instead of you constantly doing the gesture.

  • This must be easy to boost.
  • This one is a bitch! You can't boost it. It's random luck because you can't choose what you want. You unlock the rock paper scissors as a gesture, forgot exactly where but I remember course 2 or so. You simply just have to keep doing it over and over until you win 3 in a row. If you tie, it still keeps your streak, but the game has a bad habit of always making you lose after you win 2. At least that was our experience. Took us a lot of tries and still didn't get it until further on in the game because we got tired of just sitting there doing the gesture over and over and wanted to continue. But who knows, it could go fast for you or it could take a while. Also you can plug in a second controller and just keep doing it that way.
  • I know. I posted the coment 4 ays before i got the game...
  • Yeah same problem, did it for about 40 mins and gave up. I hate dumb luck achievements.
  • We were playing split screen (not sure if that makes a difference), and found that player 2 won most of the time. 10 games in player 2 got the achievement. Then we tried for 20 minutes to get the achievement for player 1, but it just wasn't working. We decided to try swapping profiles. Another 7 games in player 2 (who was player 1) got the achievement. Could have been random luck, but player 2 seemed to win much more often than player 1.
  • All luck
  • im so pissed at this game for this achievement me and my partner tried 4 times and tiedd once and he won 3 times then we tried for another 30 minutes and it wouldnt let me win even twice
  • I got this in one try, I used atlas(player 1) and signed player 2 as a guest and did it by myself...guess im just lucky :)
  • when i got the achievement i got penalized 5000 points (was playing as atlas{when i got penalized 5000 points i got the achivemnt})
  • also I did the gester then my partner did the gester then i did the gester and i won every single time so it might help to swith off doing the gester
  • Player 2 seemed to win very often, I was Player 1 and the way I got it was to stay in one position, if you win move your analog stick over so you are staring at the exact opposite direction, then for the third one, stare at the same position as the first try.
  • Holy crap! I got this on my 1st try! No joke! FYI i was player 1 playing in a local coop game.
  • My partner got it almost right away and he gave up on me after a few minutes -_-
  • I hate this, is totally random
  • I'm down to do this or any other co-op achievement for Portal 2. Hit me up on XBL. Gamertag = Battlecrabs
  • Ok so it worked for my friend and I but I'm not saying it will work for you so just try it. If you win twice in a row have your friend start it for the third. It worked first try for both of us.
  • A few of my friends and I just got this pretty quickly. All you have to do is win two games in a row where you start the rock-paper-scissors (just random luck), then have your partner start the third game. For the 5 of us, this worked every time we tried it.
  • @5 thanks, both got acievement in like 3 minutes!
  • having a hard time on this one, i was the tall character and i was playing online co op, got someone else the achievement but i couldnt get it and i gave up, didnt want to wast someone elses time so if you really can do this on split screen then ill do that at least, ill try to
  • luck based achievements suck. i got this after only a few tries though
  • looking for someone to do all co-op achievements with message me, GT - Hiijacked
  • I did the same as #16, and it works just fine. If you win two games in a row, have your partner start the third. Good luck!
  • Mine didn't work like 16/22 suggest but it worked for both players when the player NOT getting the achievement lost, then stalemated and then the player getting the achievement initiated the next 2. This way worked for both of us playing so there must be a couple sequences that work/don't work depending on the randomizer.
  • This cheevo is very hit and miss.I got this secont and I was playying as P body but my friend who was Atlas got it after 10 minutes.Can be a right pain.
  • @COMMENT 11 JOEMSHIRE holy shit! Legit strat! I got it first time too!! I remember trying it for ages with my friend a while back and nothing!! Definitely give this a go if you can't get it!
  • Looking for people to finish co-op achievements! Must be older mature player GamerTag Blairlio

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