Four Ring Circus Achievement

  • Four Ring Circus



    Enter 4 different portals without touching the ground in co-op


    This can be gained in Course 1 – Team Building Test Chamber 1 or Course 3 - Hard-Light Surfaces Chamber 5 and can be gained in either split-screen or over XBL.

    In the room with the 2 buttons is where you'll be preforming this. You'll want to partner to place his 2 portals down on the floor, side by side. Then you'll want to walk up and place one of your portals next to them.

    Now look up and place your 2nd portal above your partners 2nd portal – so the middle one in the line. Now jump into your portal so that you come out of the ceiling, land in your partners 2nd portal and come out the first one. As you come out the first one, make sure you look up at at ceiling and as you exit place you second portal again, so you come out of your original one.

  • Should be easy enough: Player 1 shoots portal at ceiling. Player 2 shoots portal directly below it. Player 2 shoots portal at another section of ceiling. Player 1 shoots portal dirextly below that one. Then fall into one of the floor portals! No?
  • You'd have to line them up perfectly, but that would work.
  • @#1 The only problem I see with that is that you are only entering 2, you are exiting the other 2. I think there's gonna need to be some complex midair manipulations here. A large open room with a big drop seems like the best bet for this one. P2 shoots 2 portals in different places on ground. P1 shoots one portal on ground. P1 drops into first portal from P2, then drops back into the second one, while in midair, move forward and fire second portal at ground, then fall in. Wait and drop back through the one you just left. Achievement unlocked?
  • @3 I see your reasoning; you mean we'll have to use 4 portals as entrances. That would probably account for the 25GS! My theory seems too easy for such a score! A good place to imagine this being done would be the turret room in the backstage area of PORTAL 1 (just before you reach GlaDOS). 45' angled sections of flooring would make mid-air portal placing slightly easier than direct ceiling/floor!
  • This is actually pretty easy to do and you don't even require any changing of portal placement in midair. All you need is an area where you can place 2 portals one over the other, and a ledge you can get to to jump off of. The player who is jumping places a portal on the ground below one from player 2. Player 2 then places their second portal anywhere on the ground. The first player goes up on the ledge and places the portal on the ground below them. They jump down into their portal. The momentum will carry them up and into the first portal of player 2 (note that this means the roof will need to be pretty close - an area similar to where you went to the elevators in the first game would work well) You will then come out of the second portal and fly up into the air. You'll reach a pea
  • ... continued from previous post: You'll reach a peak and eventually fall back down going through the portals in the reverse order, entering the 2 portals that you used as exits on the first pass. See this image for a rough drawing of how it would work:
  • this is easy, first player puts a portal on the ground and a portal on the ceiling not above the floor one, player two puts a portal on the floor below it and another portal on the floor somewhere else, then after player 1 has entered both of player twos portals after jumping into his/her own he plants the last one in place of one of player twos portals. *thumbs up*
  • Is it just me, or has anyone thought of the possibility, each player can only shoot one portal?
  • @#8 Each player can shoot 2 portals.
  • 8 is kind of right, I mean technically there are only two portals, guess we will have to see how Valve interpreted portals.
  • @#10 No, it was long ago confirmed that each player in co-op will be able to shoot 2 portals for a total of 4. One player gets the red/orange portals, the other gets blue/green.
  • very easy
  • @#12 the link you posted isn't even for this achievement
  • Just do any mission that you can fall from a high height place portal under and a 2nd by the 1st and your buddy put 2 near yours enter both of yours before entering ur friends
  • Just did it splitscreen solo waiting for friend to arrive. Just have player 1 place two portals side by side on the ground. And have him jump(the more momentum the better) into either one. Then have player 2 place a portal anywhere on the ground and replace either of player 1's portals with player 2's second portal. Achievement unlocked.
  • I need someone to do co-op achievements and storyline with. Must have mic. Just add me.
  • Very simple actually, go into any room where you can place portals on the floor. Then have player 1 shoot two portals side by side and go into one so you are going up and down continously. Then have player 2 shoot their first portal next to the other two and his second portal replacing one of player 1's portals *achievement*
  • What I did for this one was simple. In the very first test chamber (not calibration course) player 1 puts a portal on the ceiling and on the floor. After falling through a few times move your cieling portal to the ground next to your other portal. After you fall through both of the portals your partner quickly puts two portals where yours were.
  • All those solutions are a bit complicated. The easiest way is to reach an area with excursion funnels and a reversing button. Set one pair to extend the funnel, and another pair to extend it again. One person gets in whilst the other waits until you have passed through twice on the outward journey then presses the button until you've come back through both. Achievement popped with no mid flight portal shooting hassle.
  • ya im still totally confused :*(
  • 0oh hahah never mind i got it ok p2 shoots both portals next to each other and p1 shoots the blue portal beside one of them s0o there like this 0 0 0 then player 1 shoots the cyan portal above p2s middle portal. p1 goes through the blue portal will fall through all the portals but once ur headed through the ceiling again make another cyan portal infront of u and ule jus float until u get the achievement tada
  • #17's solution is the easiest.
  • Huh. I haven't gone in and done this one yet, but the first way that occurred to me is nothing like what anyone else has suggested here. I thought it would be easiest to do using the hard light bridges. Just use 2 portals to extend a bridge, then the other 2 to extend it further. Walk back and forth through the first pair of portals on the bridge so you wind up coming out of each portal in the pair, then continue down the bridge and do the other pair of portals the same way. Easy. No?
  • Theres a good explaination on how to get this at 3:34 on this video
  • if anyone wants to help me with this add me. GT xdr monkeyfishx
  • I need someone to do this with gt: nuupi luupi
  • I know I'm a little late to this, but I realized on a recent play through that I hadn't gotten this one. I came here to look for help...but all the posts on here were kind of confusing. Here's how I did it(P=purple, B=blue, etc); P-Body shoots to look like this: R Y - - Atlas shoots next, and the setup should look like this: R Y P - - - Finally, Atlas shoots his blue portal and the setup should look like this: _ B R Y P - - - Atlas then goes through P, while looking straight down at the floor, which will drop him out of B. Next he'll drop into Y. Provided you were looking at the floor when entering P, he should be looking straight up at the ceiling as he exits out of R. Quickly, he needs to shoot B at the ceiling above R, so it should look like this: _ B
  • (Continued from #27) B R Y P If done fast enough, he should pass through B on the ceiling thanks to the falling momentum. After going through P, he'll come out of P, fall back down, and enter R. Sorry for the random dashes; they were supposed to represent the portals on the ceiling/floor, but they didn't line up right in the text after I posted it :/
  • You guys are complicating it too much CEILING 1 2' 2 1' FLOOR Enter 2 or 1' and it's done
  • I placed my two on the ground and then had my co-op partner place one of theirs so that there are 3 portals on the ground. Then they placed their final portal under me so that I go in and out of their portals. You can do this one by yourself in splitscreen easily.
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