Triple Crown Achievement

  • Triple Crown



    Solve 3 co-op chambers in the Mass and Velocity course in under 60 seconds each


    This can be gained in Course 2 – Mass and Velocity Test Chambers 1-8 and can be gained in either split-screen or over XBL.

    You'll most likely have to do these again, after you've completed them once. Learn what to do, and where to be at the right time and you should have no trouble getting through some of the chambers in under 60 seconds.

    You don't have to do all 3 chambers in a row, you just need to complete 3 under 60 seconds. So if you fail one, just return to the HUB and start again. The best ones to do this on are chambers 2, 3 & 4.

  • This can actually be done pretty easily. Go to Course 2, and start at Chamber 2. You can also start at Chamber 1, for good measure.
  • Does this have to be done in one run, or can you quit to the hub halfway through and have it still count?
  • Just did this, test don't have to be in succession - We failed a few times and went back to hub a few times and got it eventually. Did course 2-4, then 2-2, then 2-3 and got it on 2-3.
  • im up for doing this if your interested send me a fr and a message
  • I'm down to do this or any other co-op achievement for Portal 2. Hit me up on XBL. Gamertag = Battlecrabs
  • anybody want to do this? G1 Arby
  • if anyone wants to do this with me xbox: MattAmo777
  • i need help with this one, if anyone can help me out with this one i can help them out with others
  • This is the last achievement I need. msg me if you need it or want to help: Barlow614
  • If some one would like to help me my gamertag is TheBeastBrandon
  • willing to help someone for this and still alive. add or message WalkingTiger. thanks, will help with others if you need them too
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  • I will help with any of the co-op acheivements, especially this one. GT: lazyeddie04
  • I need help with this achievement. It sucks though because i don't have gold
  • Need help with this, Still Alive and Professor Portal PLEASE anyone help!!!! Greatly appreciated!!!! GT: Squiggles2013
  • ill help you with triple crown and still alive squiggles. my gt is awesomobeast. just tell me when you want to do it
  • Need help with this achievement, if anyone wants to do it with me add me. GT: Atheist Turtle
  • Hey. Can anyone help me get this achievement? Add me and send me a message on Xbox Live. Also need the Portal Conservation Society and Still Alive achievements.
  • Looking to do this achievement with someone, msg me on xbox and I'll add you . . .
  • Need help with this plz, willing to trade any cheevo. Thx
  • I only need this and one more hug for 100%. Send me a msg/friend request at Gamertag: Aurokh. I'll be on after 5pm EST on 8-24.
  • Actually finished this with a random person. Was easy if you took a quick look at a video and your partner listens to direction haha. Still looking for hugs though! Add me at gamertag Aurokh!
  • Need help with this one...please msg me and send friend request. I'll be on at 8pm EST onwards. Also need Still alive. Thanks
  • ^ Got the achievement today. No longer looking for new coop partners. Thanks.
  • This is my new youtube channel, It has a commentated video guide on how to get this achievement. If you need more help. Message my on Xbox GT: "Uncle Rodgers" and I will be happy to help. Thanks
  • If anyone out there still needs this I'd love to help with this and all other coop achievements (except complete playthrough)
  • I need help i need someone who can quickly just do this with me as splitscreen is impossible, also can iadd you as a friend so i can hug you as well for the friends list with benefits achievement?? Gt: golliam Send message and add me as a friend
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  • looking for a partner for this. mattrickswayze4
  • What are the easy ones to do it on?
  • partner for this achievement? message me, my gamertag is DarkHunter644
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  • looking for someone to do all co-op achievements with message me, GT - Hiijacked
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  • Need halp with this! Also need: Professor Portal (Looking for any Portal 2 co-op virgins to get this with!) Still Alive (shouldn't be too hard. I might even be able to do it alone) Friends List With Benefits (All 3 I think) Shoot me a message on Live with the ones you wanna go for! CameronChaoss
  • Need help with these achievements: Still Alive Triple Crown Portal Conservation Society If anyone wants to do any of these with me, message me: CorruptedLegend
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  • Epic, I'm game if you still are... Adding you now.
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  • Hey, need this and a couple of others! No mic :/ GT- TromboneGuy360
  • Looking for people to finish co-op achievements! Must be older mature player GamerTag Blairlio

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