Can't Touch This Achievement

  • Can't Touch This



    Dance in front of a turret blocked by a hard light bridge in co-op


    This can be gained in Course 3 – Hard-Light Surfaces Test Chambers 6 and can be gained in either split-screen or over XBL.

    You can do this right at the start and it doesn't actually have to be a dance gesture (I used 'wave'). When you start look through the light-bridge and to your right and you'll see 4 turrets behind a bared cage.

    Simply look at them and do a gesture and the achievement will unlock.

  • This one looks like A LOT of fun. Bravo Valve.
  • i love the achievement pic for this one
  • This achievement can first be done in Course 3, which starts to feature the hard light bridges. In several test chambers you will need to block the turrets by changing the course of the bridge so you can pass without them shooting you. Simply do any gesture while they are blocked by the bridge and you'll get the achievement.

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