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    Break 11 test chamber monitors


    This can be gained in Chapter 8.

    You must smash 11 Test Chamber Monitors (there are only 11 that you can). There are multiple ways to smash the monitors. The ways to smash monitors are: flying into them yourself, using a cube to fly into them, using a turret to shoot them, and using the red laser to burn them.

    Test Chamber 1: 1 Monitor
    Test Chamber 2: 1 Monitor
    Test Chamber 3: 1 Monitor
    Test Chamber 4: 1 Monitor
    Test Chamber 5: 2 Monitors
    Test Chamber 6: 1 Monitor
    Test Chamber 11: 1 Monitor
    Test Chamber 12: 1 Monitor
    Test Chamber 15: 1 Monitor
    Test Chamber 16: 1 Monitor

  • Sweet, named after the arcade game. Or was it Crash TV?
  • I think it's Smash TV, not sure though. This shouldn't be hard, but the 75G begs to differ...
  • @2 I think you might be right. Knowing VALVe, the monitors will be scattered within the SP and CO-OP courses! And it'd have to be done in one playthrough or something!
  • @3 VALVe? You read too much into the logo. @1 It was Smash TV.
  • haha, love the reference, Smash TV rocks :)
  • Smash TV is an awesome game. awesome reference :D
  • "Total Science, I love it!"
  • interesting how they bumped up the point value, in the first game camera shy which was a pain in the ass gave 5GS.
  • @8 did you expect 75G from an arcade game?
  • What will be shown at the monitors?...
  • Nothing, just a wallpaper Aperture science !
  • are they all in SP or are some in co-op?
  • *SPOILER*!!!! after weatley takes over and starts testing you he will appear on monitors and talk to you...there are 11 of them that you can smash by throwing yourself/cubes at or shooting with a laser, he will comment on you breaking them after each one is destroyed
  • anyone having any trouble with this one? i have tried it twice and everytime i miss it my one.
  • I was missing the screen in test #4, u need to grab the turret using the wall as cover and make it shoot the screen.
  • @16 You can't just aim the laser at the screen?
  • need a video walkthrough for this one. i did one by accident and two on purpose. they rest of the monitors looked impossible to hit, so i just solved the main puzzle.
  • Basically every monitor you c after the fake one you do twice can b broken. If there r lasers or turrets you will most likely have to use them. Otherwise us momentum to launch urself or boxes.
  • Is this one cumulative or do you have to get them all on one run?
  • it starts from chapter 8. I'm pretty sure you have to do them all in one run.
  • how do you smash the monitor in the last test chamber? please help
  • You need to coat two of the turrets with gel leaving one up. Use the funnel to lift urself then launch onto the turret platform from one of the side panels, remember to hold B so u don't bounce. Grab the turret and take it to screen
  • Chapter 8 1 - test chamber 2 - after getting to the box button, use the tube to get the box up to you. put a portal directly across from the monitor and the other below you on the left side of the platform. drop box into lower portal and it will shoot out and break the monitor. 2 - test chamber 3 - after getting the box back to the side you started on create an endless portal (blue portal straight up, orange portal straight down) place the box in the endless portal to gain speed then once it's falling shoot your blue portal in between the 3rd and 4th squares from the bottom right side of the wall opposite the monitor. 3 - test chamber 4 - instead of using the tube to kill the turret run into the are behind the turret, pick it up and place it facing the monitor. It will automatical
  • ly shoot the screen.
  • You don't have to get them all in one run. There are two screens in test chamber 5. I missed one the first time through. The achievement popped when I got that one I missed on a subsequent playthrough.
  • In one of the chambers theres actually 2 moniters. Thats what I missed my first playthrough
  • Here's a video of all monitors/how to break them:
  • I need someone to help me with this I need someone who hasn't played the game yet to add me.GT: EziosBladeZ
  • Can someone answer this question please? I beat the game but didnt smash any of these monitors. would i be able to select new game and just choose the chapters, smash the monitors and go back to chapter select to go to the chapters i need? basically would i be able to do it cumulatively or just one straight shot?
  • #29, refer to #25
  • never mind got it today, didnt realize they were all in the same chapter
  • Here's a good guide I found on youtube
  • I've smashed all the tv monitors in chapter 8 and no achivement has popped - i'm pretty sure i've done it and when I reload this chapter now, only a purple/pink colour with black patches replaces wheatley in the monitor screen - why has it not popped the achv!!!
  • I can confirm that, of the 12 breakable monitors, only the 11 found *in* the chambers count. Also, the 11 breaks do not have to be in the same playthrough.
  • Scratch that, After re-loading saves and restarting the chapter and finding that the breakable monitors were still patched pink and black, I turned off my console in despair. I then turned it on later in the day to find wheatley once again behind the breakable monitors making his sarcastic commentary as I preceeded to smash all his monitors again until my achievement popped - which it did. Thank Aperture!
  • Smashed em all in 1 sitting, and no achievement :(
  • I can confirm, u dont need to do it in one sitting! I forgot 1 tv yesterday, after that i completed the entire game. Started it up today, smashed the 1 tv i needed and bam, achievement!
  • I'm also coming along to mention that it DOES NOT need to be done in one sitting. I missed the second TV on Test 5, went through again and got it and got the Achievement immediately.
  • i have try this but all i need to know is where all 11 t.v's are because its annoying doing it with out a guide
  • I can also confirm that it doesn't have to be in one sitting. I loaded my save on the 11th monitor, finally managed to break it and got the achievement.
  • I got this on my first try but i died loads
  • wow this achievement is glitched for me or maybe portal 2 hates me either way im not going to be bothered with a 3rd playthrough of chapter 8 for this achievement :(
  • Possibly the coolest achievement ever, thanks to the commentary from Wheatley. Don't forget the 2nd monitor in chamber 05.
  • It sucks that if you accidentally kill all 3 turrets on the last one with the blue gel, you can't load your last save.
  • What helped me the best was going to youtube, then typing in "how to get the smash tv achievement." Then click on the top video. And he takes you on a step by step video on how to complete them all. Note: There are 2 smashable tv's in chamber 5. Dont walk out before destroying both!! ( btw this was my first post evrrr)
  • The tvs you need to smash are on chapter 8 and the chambers are... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (there are two in level five!), 6, 11, 12, 15, and 16. Also, if you are stuck got to YouTube and search "Smash TV achievement" and watch the one by "RoosterTeeth".
  • Well that was a pain in the ass. But so worth it.
  • So annoying, I totally did this and I thought the achievement popped but I looked today and it's still locked! So is Pit Boss and I know I did both of them. ARGH!
  • Phew I finally got it the last one was by far the hardest
  • oh my god! that last one was so hard! took me longer than the rest combined
  • I just got this last night. The video walkthrough was only necessary for the final, which was by far, the hardest of them all. It probably took me 45-minutes to nail it. It's all easy until trying to land on the sentry platoform, not bounce off and not get shot.
  • Mainly you destroy monitors from chapter 8. The chapter is called "The Itch". I got this acheivement for my freind. I showed him the monitors you should break. The chapter is called "The Itch". Sometimes you get bombs that you could destroy a monitor with and make Wheatley not talk anymore. Here is a link to a tutorial, Hope that helped!
  • Here's an up to date comment on this achievement. I did this the other night after complete this great game and YES you're aloud to miss a couple through out the campaign. I missed 2 during the campaign, went back and got these with no problem. Don't forget, I believe in test chamber 5 they are 2 TVs to smash.
  • "I'd buy that for a dollar!"
  • My achievements are hating me today. :( I've got one on Fallout 4 that won't pop despite being completed and now this one, same issue. I even made sure to do them all in the same run (although I know it's been commented that's not even necessary). I'm really just hoping I won't have to do them all again.

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