High Five Achievement

  • High Five



    Celebrate your cooperative calibration success


    This can gained in either split-screen or over XBL.

    This is the first thing you do when you start up a new coop game. Its just some simple tests and chambers to introduce you to the coop features and gameplay.

    Once you reach the end, both robots will high five and the achievement will unlock.

  • High Five very nice!!!!
  • Co-op related cant miss it once final chamber is done it will pop or shortly after when you enter the hub, after Calibration it will unlock(very beginning, bots being built)
  • Add me if you want a hand with this one (no pun intended)
  • If you went straight to a co-op chamber with a friend and skipped the tutorial, to go back to it you just need to hit start at the level select and choose calibration course.
  • I actually need help with all Co-op achievements. Anybody needs help with theirs or would like to help my gamertag is the same as my username.
  • I need a co op partner. Hit me up! Gt: plnkfloydian
  • Hey all,looking for a partner? I need a partner for the Professor Portal achievement. So if you need someone to guide you, look me up! GT: SnakyTurtle

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