Door Prize Achievement in Portal 2

  • Door Prize



    Examine all the vitrified test chamber doors

  • How to unlock Door Prize

    For this achievement you'll need to find 6 doors which has the word 'VITRIFIED' painted across them in yellow and an intercom button on the wall next to them. Once you've found one of the doors, press the intercom button for it to count towards your total. Some don't have the 'VERTIFIED' on them, so look out for the intercom, but they're all in groups of 3.

    The first 3 are once you've taken the lift up the tall metal rig, exit and u-turn to the left. You'll see across the gap a little walkway and 3 doors. Place a portal across the gap then one on the wall to your left. These doors across here

    You may now want to refer to 'Master the Repulsion Gel' & 'Schrodinger's Catch' below before you look for the final 3 doors, seeing as they're later on in chapter 6 and there's still some achievements you'll need to get before you get to there. Once you've got them, see to the paragraph below.

    The next 3 are in the same corridor you take to get the 'Ship Overboard' achievement. After a long way into the chapter 6 you'll exit through a door and be in an open area. If you look across the area you'll see a glass building with a banner saying 'CONTROL ROOM' across it in yellow.

    Make your way up and in there and look in the left corner behind a cabinet. You'll come across hidden metal door which will automatically open as you get near. Walk through it and you'll see the remaining 3 doors and their intercoms.

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  • so Iv noticed that there are some doors that say Vitrified right on them in yellow They kind of look like hatch doors on a ship. some of them have little speaker box's next to them. if you press x on them you will hear cave Johnson talk about some crazy experiment.they are pretty funny. i started noticing them ones i got to the test subjects welcome area. Its all 70s looking and has a big pic of cave Johnson you cant miss it. any ways that's my theory press X on all the talk box's you find, so far i have found 4.
  • I just got this and I think there are six talk box's all in chapter six.
  • thanks for the link. i was too busy figuring out the puzzle and didnt see a single one of these. ha
  • well actually i saw the white floor below the elevator before it went up and saw the angled wall at the top and figured it out in 5 seconds. so i was barely even in that area.
  • Thanks for the link really really helped me out
  • Cave Johnson has the best quotes ever. This achievement is worth getting just to hear more awesome quoting!
  • can't believe i missed this
  • Needs to be changed so it doesn't say it is a co-op story related quest. It's missible, for sure! Found in single player game in chapter 6.
  • I got this by total accident. It popped up and I was like, what did I do? I love getting achievements that way! :)
  • These were funny little bits.
  • This is actually quite an easy achievement to obtain so don't fret about it. All 6 doors are found on Chapter 6 1. When you go up the elevator on the next side of the shark tank room, go to the platform where you need to use the angled wall to reach the exit door, there are 3 doors on that catwalk turn on the speaker on all 3 doors. 2. In the area where you find Potato Glados, go to the upper most room and in the corner to the left you will find a door half covered by a shelf, go in there and you will find the next 3 doors, also in this side room you can obtain the Ship Overboard achievement just before the 3rd door turn right and go look at the rescue ring.

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