Portrait of a Lady Achievement

  • Portrait of a Lady



    Find a hidden portrait

    This can be gained in Chapter 7.

    Once you've cleared the first Propulsion Gel room and walked through the door, head along the cat walk but stop a bit short and you'll notice a locked gate to your left. Now carry on down the walk way until the metal plates break up revealing a gap and wall at the top of the stairs.

    Portal the wall and then put a portal on the wall to your right. Walkthrough, and head right into the office. The portrait is on your right.

  • I have an idea of who it may be of. If it's of a man, it may be Cave Johnson, if a female, maybe GLaDOS.
  • Find -a- hidden portrait. From that, I think its safe to assume there are multiple.
  • I'm guessing its going to be cave johnson's wife
  • they actually revealed who this is in a preview of the game but not going to going to say who http://www.pcgamer.com/2011/03/29/portal-2-preview-2/ it's at the end of this article if you really want to know.
  • Chell?
  • *nods* wasn't going to say it though >.
  • I wonder if that's the same portrait Ratman was shown to have painted during Portal 1 in the comic?
  • was thinking the same thing
  • I have found the portrait once u start chapter 7 do the first test and before u go to the next one there shud be a closed gate behide the gate is a wall put a portal on that wall then there will be a room with a man and a woman that's the portrait u need to look at
  • It's a picture of Johnson with his assistant, maybe wife, Carolin. She's mentioned in the 4th Investment Opportunity trailer for the Long Fall boots.
  • If it really is Michelle then it sounds way too easy...
  • Since everyone seems to be so confused, this is the portrait you need to find. http://steamcommunity.com/id/ObituaryPenguin/screenshot/578920795582718642
  • Completely missed it some how.
  • I´ve found a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbfJj8u2oOs It´s between chamber 1 and 2 at chapter 7.
  • @12 you need to calm down people make mistakes,...lol but GLaDOS isnt human now is she?
  • caroline is in the picture, caroline is glados.
  • FACT. caroline is the woman who CORRUPTED glados.
  • It sounds like Caroline is the woman who BECAME Glados. The corruption happened at an entirely different time.
  • @18 that must be the result of the brain-mapping thing that Cave spoke about during the elevator shaft ascent. Caroline never sounded human to begin with, plus he also said put her in his computer if they have to or something along those lines.
  • @19, I agree that Carolyn becoming Glados is the result of brain mapping, but I disagree that Caroline never existed. He asks her to "bring" him his pain pills at the beginning of that test (the first with the conversion gel) - computers can't "bring" you things. They can maybe have it sent by bot, but they can't bring it. On Yahoo answers, someone says that it has been confirmed that Caroline is the woman in the portrait and later became Glados, but they didn't cite any references. I have contacted them for the reference, we'll see if I hear back on that one.
  • the title could be a reference to a movie called the portrait of a lady
  • Are you people blind, deaf, and dumb? If you play through Portal 2 at all, its clearly implied that GLaDOS is the brain mapped A.I. of Caroline. It has at least 5 clues that almoest state it. Jeez. Get a clue.
  • lady is GLaDOS, surely
  • @22 is right. Caroline was Cave's assistant and when he became deathly ill as per what he said during the last tests. He also said that Caroline should run the place. Stick her in a computer or my computer I don't care. So Caroline was "brain mapped" as people are calling it and is not a robot which is why she is as she is and why during chapter 7 the potato is thinking because she is trying to remember what happened. Also bar in mind that the old test chambers were closed on 1961. It is written on the left hand door when you have to push two buttons together to open the massive door? Just to give you an idea of time span.
  • Omfg, I remember finding this one my first playthrough, but no cheeb. Maybe I was too close to the picture? Gay... anyways, I'm going back now to grab things I missed. So bummed about that though.
  • @#25 You have to stand near the picture and Glados will make a comment about it. After she speaks, you get the cheevo.
  • Ok guys, all the answers to who is in the portrait and how it relates to Chell is all right here. http://www.freefrag.com/gaming-discussion/14138-portal-2-story-dissection-theory-crafting.html Chell is Cave and Caroline's daughter. She was brought into Aperture Science during 'Bring Your Daughter to Work Day', which is why you see Chell's name on the the overgrown potato, and says 'Special Ingredient by Dad's Work', written on it. Caroline was brain-mapped and put into GLaDOS. Weatley was placed onto GLaDOS back then to control her and have her forget about her human self, Caroline. Everything else is explained in the link.
  • Something that I discovered in the portrait is that both Caroline and Chell are there.If you look closely Chell is to the left of Cave in the shadows and Caroline is the other woman next to Cave.
  • Thank you!
  • This is the kind of Easter Egg I like to see; it adds to the story. I think Caroline is was married to Cave after he makes his announcement about her being single. I wonder if the woman in the background is Chell or if it is a statue. If Chell is the the one in the background Valve could do something in Portal 3 to imply Chell was interested in Cave or jealous of Caroline. They could even make it so that Caroline lost her memory during the brain mapping process and woke up without any memories and reinvented herself as Chell. That would be a twist.
  • Carolyn is Glados. It even states it at the end when Glados says "Carolyn lives inside my brain".
  • Almost missed this one, thanks

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