You Made Your Point Achievement

  • You Made Your Point



    Refuse to solve the first test in Chapter 8

    This can be gained in Chapter 8.

    After you've put the moving cube on the button and confronted Wheatley, you'll then make your way along a walkway then up a lift. When you enter the next area you'll be in a new test chamber.

    You'll see the button in front of you when you enter. Now don't touch it! Just stand still and let Wheatley talk and after a while he'll get annoyed, the screen will slightly shake and the achievement will pop.

  • Maby glados says that the test is impossible like in portal
  • Me (and likely my dad) would instantly get this one; my dad since he sucks at Portal and admits it xD
  • I think it's trying to say that the first 'test' doesn't have to be solved at all and it can be bypassed by some nifty portal/gell placing.
  • I'm sure this means GLaDOS tells you too do something immoral
  • Maybe it will be like: GLaDOS: "Do what I say or I will fill the chamber with deadly neurotoxin!" Chell: "I don't want it!!!!"
  • It's not the first "test" you run in to in Chapter 8, it's the first test chamber which has the "01" instructions and "TEST" spelled out on the wall. To get the achievement just walk in to the chamber and stand around for a minute or so. Don't hit the red button to drop the cube or create any portals. You will hear the AI get frustrated that you are doing nothing and the achievement will pop.
  • just like synnarc said, you do have to walk in the room a little bit until wheatley starts to say something... than just hang around for a minute or so and like he said, will get frustrated and achievement pops.
  • what chapter do this achievement because i don't what one it for message me on my gamertag
  • I found this
  • not the first part where the robots are, its the part just after with the word "TEST" written on the wall. just stand still and he will start saying "go on" and then the achievement will pop up.
  • @9, can't you read the achievement description? Srsly man?
  • @12, The guy asked chapter, which I believe it's either the last chamber of chapter 2 or the first of chapter 3. Chambers != Chapters this time around.
  • @13 the achievement clearly says CHAPTER 8 so i would infer that it would be the first chamber in chapter 8, ... probably labled test chamber 1. With a huge label on the wall that says test 01, maybe,... i just would think that is how valve does things... maybe. SPAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • just to clarify to everyone it is test 01 labeled "test" in chapter 8
  • Posters #11 & #15 are correct!
  • too easy!
  • You don't have to hang around until Wheatley gets bored, you can also hop down into the pit. I did that by accident (cat bumped my hand while I was walking) and it popped right up.
  • @9 @13 morons...
  • worth 10g for listening to a couple of comments
  • awsome, ill go try that, ill stand around and see if that works, knowing wheatley im sure it will Thanks!
  • "Hey, moron!" -Glados Haha. 'I think I've made my point.'
  • this game, well, not only the game, but Valve has THEE best achievements and achievement names.
  • @23 I totally agree. This game is truly the best in just about everything. The dialogue is super funny!
  • The achievements for this game are glorious.

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