You Saved Science Achievement

  • You Saved Science



    Complete all test chambers in all courses of co-op


    This can be gained in either split-screen or over XBL.

    You'll have a total 39 chambers to complete across 5 chambers to unlock this achievement.

    Course 1 - Team Building Chambers 1–6
    Course 2 - Mass and Velocity Chambers 1-8
    Course 3 - Hard-Light Surfaces Chambers 1-8
    Course 4 - Excursion Funnels Chambers 1-9
    Course 5 - Mobility Gels Chambers 1-8

  • Glad to see this didn't have a "in Gold standard" at the end of this. Should be a very fun 100G to get. I've got a friend who'll practically be living with me when we do this :P.
  • Confirms that there are 35 chambers in co-op then I assume.
  • Or maybe 35 is VALVe's estimation of the number of hairs you'll have left on your head after playing through all the test Chambers!
  • 35 chambers it is. im so pumped!
  • and in theory the proportion of test chambers in single play will be great than or equal too that in co-op mean that over all there will be at least 70 test chambers! well I guess that's assuming single player is even that structure
  • Remember; there can be multiple tests per Test Chamber. So the actual number may mean nothing! Eg, TC13 was tiny in PORTAL, but TC18 was massive! 35 TCs in co-op may take 8-10 hours to complete, where possibly 35 TCs in SP will take 4-6 hours! We just don't know yet!
  • add me i need ppl to play with 4 achievements allways on x0xassassinx0x
  • co op is amazing takes more time then people really think and if you do it without cheating its so much longer in depth and crazy as all shit
  • looking for co-op friends to play with. I'll be on all night tonight or sometime next week. GT-UndeadEntity
  • ummm...thats not the right picture for that acheivement. for me, it shows a trophy. didnt know if this was announced or been said before or not though.
  • I need someone to do the co-op playthrough with and get some achievements... must have mic... I'm usually on from 4-ish to about 10 GMT, so that's when I can play. All day Monday and Tuesday I should be on because I don't have school.
  • they changed the picture because there are now more then 35 test chambers, about 40 I think.
  • Looking for a co-op partner willing to put some time in for achievements. Must have mic. Send me a friend request if you're interested. I'm available any time.
  • I need help with all co-op courses and achievements, I have played on splitscreen so I'm not sure whether I can help any-one with the 'Professor Portal' achievement. If you need some-one to do co-op with just add me so we can do the courses and grab some achievements :) Must have mic though...
  • this achevement dosent take that long if you know how to do all the test chambers took me less than one hour with a random person to do all the chambers
  • this achevement dosent take that long if you know how to do all the test chambers took me less than one hour with a random person to do all the chambers
  • Willing to help with all co-op achievements!! ADD G-tag JORD509 also i only need one more hug... hahaah
  • add me need to complete story co op and other co op acheivements gamertag monkeyrowan
  • need somebody to play co-op with...add me: that sax man
  • This isn't the right achievement tile. Mine is a trophy...
  • I need co op, Add me
  • Just saying if you don't have any freinds, you can beat it alone.
  • @ Kryzax98 Add me i'm willing to get a few of the co-op cheevos with you
  • I need to finish excursion funnels and on. Anyone interested? Barlow614 Also, off topic, can I get some people to help boost my reputation?
  • So I've rang M$ and they said that the achivement picture changes when you "do" 35 chambers, but that doesnt make sense, because it would natually unlock when you complete all 35 anyway. I had the original picture but I checked today and i've got this one... I'm prerry fussy about my achivements and I hate this "35" picture, looks rubbish next to the others. anyone got any ideas how to get the old one back?
  • Looking to play whole co-op campaign with someone. msg me later tonight bst Gt - Titantius
  • I'm in need of someone over Xbox LIVE to do all the co-op levels with and get the achievements for beating it. Message me over Xbox LIVE and send me a friend request, my gamertag is the same as my username here.
  • I haven't played co-op yet so if u complete it with me i will help u along the way with any achievements just add me i'll be on for a few more hours
  • I've played co-op a little(only tutorial) add me
  • i need to complete course 5 part 5 and onwards add me and i'll help u with all co-op achievements
  • I got this playing alone, local split-screen. All the co-op courses can be beaten by playing alone with 2 controllers. There are less than 5 times (3 I think)that you'll have to use both controllers at once at once, and even then you can set up the situation so it's manageable.
  • the achievement is a trophy not the # 35 anymore
  • Just completed co-op with two controllers by myself. Much easier than I thought it would be.
  • anyone wanna help me get a couple achievements? not many of my friends play you need a mic
  • Need help add me I got all the achievements in this game (hopefully I remember how to do them :/ )
  • Need help with co-op acheives...add me please and we'll do this thing together...and eat cake!
  • If anyone wants to help me with this my GT is xdr monkeyfishx
  • none of my friends have this game :( therefore it is almost impossible to do the very last test chamber. help greatly appreciated! I have a mic GT:orphenkilla
  • Me and my friend beat co-op without ever using a mic. Made it more challenging but we always hugged after a tough one.
  • I have finished Co-Op and Single Player. I just need to get four achievements - Professor Portal - Friends List With Benefits - Still Alive - Triple Crown
  • I really need help with the Co-Op. Everyone I play with online plays for a bit then disconnects. My GT is the same as my username. add me if you want to play. If you also want to go for some Co-Op achievements I need help with: -Still Alive -Professor Portal -Party of Three -Friends List With Benefits -Triple Crown -Asking For Trouble I will also help you with other Co-Op achievements you need.
  • Need help with this and almost every other co-op achievement. GT: nuupi luupi
  • anyone up for this still have not played this at all online so i think i can help someone get the professor portal cheevo ... and ezio hit me up i need all the cheevos and if anyone else needs help i will be more than happy to help gamer tag is: IE IL IL
  • if anyone hasnt completed co-op and wants to get all of the co-op achievements except for professor portal and i can get you 1 out of the 3 hugs for friends list with benefits. GT: Spastic Shimp
  • anyone want to do any coop add me gt: Steelytheman22
  • I still need a few of these. hit me up - Shad0wruck3r.
  • I have only done the 1st chambers, need to do the rest. Gamertag is shown, feel free to add me.
  • Looking for a co-op partner. I play in the evening (10pm until midnite usually or on weekends. I live in Ontario (same time zone as michigan) just incase people are on the east or west coast.
  • Looking for a co-op partner. I play in the evening (10pm until midnite usually or on weekends. I live in Ontario (same time zone as michigan) just incase people are on the east or west coast.
  • I need a friend to do this and all other portal 2 co-op achievements, add me on XBL, GT= Techno_Flood
  • anyone want to help me do to this?
  • i will help out anyone get through the entire campaign and the rest of the achievements as long as theyve either never played the co op before and can get me professor portal, or makes a dummy account or has an extra account to help me get professor portal. my gt is Clintron420. i have an extra account to help u get professor portal too
  • nvm i got mine good luck everyone
  • searching for a co-op partner to get every co-op achievement. I have just started portal 2 and I have played online, but i will be happy to create a phony account for "Proffeser Portal" if you do the same. Send me a message if you want to help me, help you.
  • im looking for a co op partner to do all co op achevements iv finished the story and about 3-5 levels of the co op and iill start over again for anyone if your berely starting so if anyone wants to play just hmu GAMERTAG:DemonicPikatchu
  • I have started on the co-op achievements but also need a partner to do most of them. Send a message to V4Vodka if you're interested.
  • Looking for a Co-op partner, will go through all the levels and create another xbl account for the professor portal cheevo. Gamertag: xAssassinRawrx.
  • need a co-op partner send friend request gt: folklorico
  • a lot of fun
  • I need a co op partner
  • looking for a co op partner, i'll be online for the nest 9 hours, add me on xbox live, gt: BigHornyPanda willing to trade cheevos.
  • I need a co op partner. I haven't played the game all the way through yet.
  • Did anyone else have the problem where the achievement didn't unlock after completing EVERY chamber in co-op?? :(
  • I just bought this game again can anybody help with the co-op achievements for me and please have a mic gamer tag SheT0ldM3Sh3s18. Yep it's funny
  • Could sure use a partner for the last chamber or two lol
  • looking for someone to do all co-op achievements with message me, GT - Hiijacked
  • anyone wanna get all co-op achievements? gamertag - DarkWolf839
  • Anyone want to do all the co-op achievements with me? Just add and message me please so I know what you are adding me for. Gamertag - xBellaCx
  • I never thought I would get this achievement, but luckily my sister got bored for a little while and we beat it without too much trouble.
  • I wanna do this with somebody add me DontLaughUrN3xt
  • I Need This And 14 Other Online Achievements But A Good Partner Would Help Lots. GAMERTAG: RustFX137... im online alot
  • Looking for a companion, must love long walks on the beach If you're interested, send me a message Gt: Yug1D0rk
  • i need like all of the co op achievements, but i felt like a should post this here add me on xbox if you want to help me out with them gt: fandig
  • would like to get all of theses achievements add me GT:beefcake128
  • If you need help finding a co-op partner. Send me a message on XBL and we'll figure it out. GT: kirkitude
  • Is anyone still up to get all the Co-op achievements? I know it's late, but I finished the campaign back in 2011, and it's a brilliant game, so I want to complete the co-op. Message me if you want to do it and you have a mic. My Xbox Live GT is Jake0fAllTrad3s. Thanks!
  • Looking for someone to play with and unlock all co-op Achievements add me GT:Diabo1ica1Taco
  • I'm also looking to do the co-op achievements. Absolutely loved the campaign, but can't find anyone for co-op. GT: AFX Acid
  • Can anyone help me with all the coop achievements ?? gt HEADPHONEGEEK
  • I only need a few co-op achievements but I'll help you with any of the ones you need...GT: FURburger241

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