Iron Grip Achievement

  • Iron Grip



    Never lose a cube in Chamber 6 of the Mass and Velocity co-op course


    This can be gained in Course 2 – Mass and Velocity Test Chamber 6 and can be gained in either split-screen or over XBL.

    This chamber is made up of 2 rooms. The first has a cube in it but you can't/shouldn't lose it. The next room is where timing is everything. Place a portal on the hanging slab above the entrance and then another on the incline one across the water to your side.

    Now one of you use the launch pad to access the other side of the area and then get ready to use the launch pad next to the cube chute. Your partner should be at the start, ready to push the button to release the cube. What happens is, when its released it'll fall out and get sprung to the other end of the room near inclined portal but it won't go through it. That's the point when its that close that you have to grab it otherwise it'll be to high.

    Hit the launch pad, and as you get about half way in the air, have your partner hit the switch. By the time you come out of the second portal, be ready to grab the cube right away. This all comes down to timing, so if you miss it and it falls into the water or its too high up for you to grab, then you can simply restart the chamber later on from the menu.

  • For those that don't know, the Mass and Velocity course is Course 2, and the timing is tricky, but doable - did it by pure luck last night
  • If you hit the button for the cube whilst your partner is next to the window by the exit airborne you'll get it every time.
  • first part easy, send part its all in the timing, once partner is in between both windows hit the button
  • I need someone who knows how to do this and has a mic. Add me EziosBladeZ
  • When the person being pushed in the air by the Aerial Faith Plates is at/near the topof his arc by the farthest wall (the wall with the exit door, they'll be by a window),press the button.
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  • When one player is being launched with the Arial Faith Plates, as soon as they go off the one closest to the exit, have the other player press the button. It's all up the the first player to catch it then.
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