Gesticul-8 Achievement

  • Gesticul-8



    Perform all 8 gestures of your own volition in co-op


    When you unlock a new gesture, the robots will preform it automatically. This does not count as you personally doing it. So as soon as you unlock a new one, bring up the gesture menu and preform it again.

    Preform these eight for the achievement to unlock:

    • Wave
    • High Five
    • Rock, Paper, Scissors
    • Laugh
    • Dance
    • Core Grab
    • Hug
    • Portal Shot
  • 8 gestures? Well, we know there's HUG, WAVE, DANCE & TAUNT. What else?
  • ::sarcasm:: Im just so GlaD that VALVe took the extra six months developing this game element
  • @2 you enjoy playing half baked versions of games?
  • @3 the process of adding gestures to source models is actualy fairly simple I code, animate, and model for the source engine (i make models for Half life 2 deathcmatch and gmod) the process (for me at least) involves 1. creating an animation in a progream (I use Softimage) 2. playing the animation back a couple times (make sure it dosent look half assed or stiff) 3. exporting the animation into an SMD (Source MoDel file) 4. coding the animation into the models QC (Quake C originally developed for Quake and since valves original GoldSrc engine was a heavily modified version of the quake 1 engine and Source is based on Goldsrc finding some small bits of Quake 1 code here and there isent surprising) 5. compiling the QC and all of the reference and animation SMDs into a MDL 6. writing
  • 7. testing so as you can see implementing gestures (at least the modeling aspect) is quite simple (to a modeler) and valve already has a system for playing gestures (Team Fortress 2) and the coding aspect in terms of the QC really isent that hard example $sequence gesture_wave "gesture_wave_base" ACT_GMOD_GESTURE_WAVE 1 fps 30.00 weightlist signals its only one line of code :) this is the code to make a wave gesture (like the one that was in the e3 video) and this took me about 4 hours in all now physics model coding THATS hard you have to define every bone angle limit THREE times anyway yeah providing #2 isent exagerating valve taking 6 months for 16 gestures (8 for both robots) is streching it a bit but then again this is valve were talking about
  • @4 and 5 you think they spend the extra 6 months working on only the gestures? honestly knowing valve the extra 6 months was full of nothing but playtesting, in the first game they playtested it over and over and over to no end. and that was 1/4th the game at least
  • @1 My guess is that there are 4 ground-based gestures and 4 aerial gestures, ergo "own volition" means you cannot use your partner's portals for the aerial part of this achievement. It's just a guess mind.
  • They are all ground based gestures. The aerial one is just by pushing up on the d-pad, you'll do a flip or splits or something. After beating the first 3 courses we've unlocked 7 of the 8 gestures. You will unlock them automatically always at the end of a chamber in front of the camera where GlaDOS will taunt you. So far the 7 unlocked are: Hi-five Hug Dance Laughing Wave Rock Paper Scissors One where you smack the other robot and take a "body part" away Haven't unlocked the eighth one yet.
  • I should have specified, the aerial gesture is only done when you are falling through the air through portals or jumping a long gap, you push up on the d-pad. Any time you're on the ground, you will hold up on d-pad and select one of the 8 gestures on a radial wheel as you unlock them.
  • Should be easy. I did coop alone (2 controllers) and I've gotten 5 in about an hour. Doing it with 2 people should make it very fast.
  • I need someone to do co-op achievements and storyline with. Must have mic. Just add me.
  • all you have to do is have all 8 gestures WAVE DANCE TAUNT HUG HIGH FIVE ROCK, PAPER, SCISSOR RIP OFF PART COOL MOVE (i guess you call it) then just go to your partner and perform all 8 gestures and achievement there you go have fun player portal 2
  • no no no. u should unlock this during completing the fourth course's test chamber 8 or something. as long as u have performed the others already and u have done all the courses in it's order.
  • If you beat the Co-op, this can not be missed.
  • You get them all by course 5 so it's not missable
  • My friend and a few others I've seen seem to be having problems with this. The particular issue is that one of the Gestures won't unlock for use (and usually it's the Laugh gesture). If anybody knows where the laugh gesture is unlocked plz let me know. What I might suggest though is going through the entire co-op course OFFLINE. That's how I got the achievement the first time, and I had no problems there.

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