Heavy Hitter Achievement

  • Heavy Hitter



    Own the Prime Vista 3000 and five of its attachments

    The third most powerful Power Washer in the game is none other than the Prime Vista 3000, a Heavy Duty washer worth $2,000.00. Unlike Fully Equipped (10G) and Urban Xpert (20G), for this achievement you have to unlock all five of its attachments from the store (top right of the pause menu, as indicated by the orange icon):
    • Prime Vista 3000 Turbo Nozzle ($120.00)
    • Prime Vista 3000 Short Extension ($200.00)
    • Prime Vista 3000 Long Extension ($400.00)
    • Prime Vista 3000 Soap Nozzle ($600.00)
    • Prime Vista 3000 Extra Long Extension ($800.00)
    Again, like the other two inferior models, not all attachments will be available from the start, so progress through the career to get access to all five attachments.

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