Unlimited Powerwash Achievement

  • Unlimited Powerwash



    Own the Prime Vista PRO and six of its attachments

    Last, but definitely not least, is the Prime Vista PRO, the ultimate Power Washer, and the best in the game. The Prime Vista Pro is classed as a Professional Duty Power Washer and costs a hefty $5,000. Unlike the other Power Washer models, the Prime Vista PRO has six attachments. Five are unlocked probably before you can afford this beast of a Power Washer, but the last one (the Prime Vista PRO Triple Tip Nozzle) is only unlocked when you get to the last level of the career, the monstrous Lost City Palace level. The six attachments you need to buy from the store (top right of the pause menu, as indicated by the orange icon) are:
    • Prime Vista PRO Turbo Nozzle ($180.00)
    • Prime Vista PRO Short Extension ($300.00)
    • Prime Vista PRO Long Extension ($600.00)
    • Prime Vista PRO Soap Nozzle ($900.00)
    • Prime Vista PRO Extra Long Extension ($1,200.00)
    • Prime Vista PRO Triple Tip Nozzle ($2,400.00)

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