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    Equip a new outfit, gloves and washer modification at the same time

    Relatively simple, this one. Head to the shop (top right of the pause menu, as indicated by the orange icon), then head to Clothing. In there, buy a pair of gloves (the cheaper the better if you want this early on, to be honest, so you can spend your cash on better equipment) and an outfit (all of which are $50).

    Once you've done that, back out to the store menu and go to Modifications, where you can buy skins for your Power Washer. Buy one of those. Again, preferably the cheapest.

    Finally, hit what was the old "back button" (with the two squares button-page.png) and go over a tab to clothing. Then, simply equip your new outfit and gloves. Now go back to your current loadout and click the bottom right corner of your equipped Power Washer icon. If you bought a skin (AKA a modification) for the currently equipped Power Washer it will show here. Equip it and this achievement will unlock. 

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