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    In the Playground, roll the football up the stegoslide

    In the Playground level, there's a large slide on the one side of the map: THE STEGOSLIDE! To get this achievement you're going to want to push the football found on the level up the slide itself. Easy, right? Not exactly. It takes some planning.
    1. You'll need the Urban X U2 at this point, as the starting Power Washer isn't powerful enough.
    2. You'll want to put the small step ladders near the bottom of the slide (angled to one side, like a backboard), and this will allow you to roll the ball into it and get your setup.
    3. Then, with the red nozzle, push the ball up the slide. Use dpad-left.png to turn the water onto fully automatic, and then slowly hit the bottom of the ball up the slide, making small movements towards the top. Do this and you should be golden.

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