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    Completely clean the Fire Station job without standing on the scaffolding

    This achievement is perhaps the first really tricky career achievement that you'll come across, although it's very easy to do if you use a few different strategies.

    First things first, you can use any ladders and step ladders to finish this level, but you CANNOT use the scaffolding. Don't even get close to it or tempt fate. If you can help it, don't even pick it up either.

    When it comes to the main Fire Station building, there's no need for the scaffolding at all; just use the ladders to clean the windows and the ledges, and to get on the roof.

    The back tower is where it gets tricky. First things first, clean out the inside, and whatever you can from the inside. Then, you're going to want to use the ladders in conjunction with the long reach extensions to get as much of the outside done from the ground level.

    The next step requires you taking advantage of the physics of the game. While on the top, if you get as close to the edge, facing straight ahead, if you look down and turn 180 degrees, it'll effectively have you hovering in thin air, able to power wash the sides from the top with relative ease. Do that on all four sides, and from the windows on the side if need be, and you'll get this achievement when you finish the level.

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