Gnome Sweet Gnome Achievement

  • Gnome Sweet Gnome



    In the Temple, ensure the gnome is on the tower roof once the job is complete

    On the Temple level - which is basically a huge church - at the top there'll be a gnome, stood in the middle of the top beam right at the top. Basically complete the level with the gnome still up there. If you're careful, and using the spray of the wider nozzles to clear round his feet, and not directly spraying him, you should be alright. Word of advice: start at the top, be super careful and take your time as you use the roofs/scaffolding to clean around him. Once you've done that you can carry on with the rest of the level without a care in the world. Just make sure you don't inadvertently knock it off when you're cleaning the underside of a roof trim or something, as that'd just be plain devastating!

    Now, you can probably knock it off and carry it back up, but 1) we didn't test that and can't verify it; and 2) it's easier to be careful around it than take the risk, but if you do knock it off accidentally, give this a try.

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