Delaying the Inevitable Achievement

  • Delaying the Inevitable



    In the Washroom, complete the toilets last

    In the Washroom level you'll find 4 cubicles, and in those 4 cubicles you'll find 4 toilets - each one made up of 3 parts: the toilet itself, the seats and lids. Simply leave these until last and this achievement will be yours. Remember to use your angles and different stances to get behind them to do the cubicle walls.

    When I approached this, I was actually unsure whether urinals counted as well, so just to be safe, leave them till right near the end too. Better to be safe than sorry, right? I basically went: all the cubicles, the rest of the bathroom, then the urinals and the toilets and it unlocked for me, so maybe give that a go. You know, just to make sure, because, after all, urinals are actually still toilets. We're just not sure whether the game recognises that though.

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