Shine Bright Achievement

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    On the Helter Skelter, complete the objects that have lightbulbs before anything else

    This is a slightly fiddly achievement, and requires you clean the 16 "channel lights" around the outside (at the top of the third panel and in between the seams of the fourth tier panels - you'll see the little spheres, which are lightbulbs), as well as the front sign (that's at the bottom of the steps) and finally, the "top ring frame" which has them all around the outside of the top platform.

    Few things to note: some of the channel lights can be tricky as they're covered by the slide itself, so come from above and below them to get those while stood on the slide. Be careful of the slide frame and slide supports though. And finally, the top ring frame, you have to do all of it, and that includes the lightbulbs, the top and the bottom (underneath). Again, just see what you've got selected in the top left before you start spraying willy nilly.

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