Tyresome Achievement

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    Complete the Monster Truck tyres first

    Honestly, this is called Tyresome for a reason, and is perhaps the most annoying achievement in the game. Mainly because of the monster wheels themselves being a pain to clean, and because it's a clean first achievement, you can't just spray and hope for the best.

    In terms of tips, we have a few:
    • Change your angle where possible. Whether that means jumping, crouching, crawling, standing, climbing on the wheel itself, or even on the step ladder. Because of the treads, they make cleaning the wheels super time-consuming and easy to miss parts because you have to be at the correct angle to see the dirt.
    • And secondly, move all the time and hit that find dirt button. Climb under the truck as well, look through gaps. Just keep on the move until you see the screen flash yellow to show you where the dirt is.
    Get all four wheels and this achievement is yours.

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