Super Star Achievement

  • Super Star



    Earn 150 Stars in Career Mode

    There are 190 Stars in all in Career Mode, spread across the 38 levels. Earn 150 Stars in those levels, done by completing percentages of the levels, and all the Stars achievements are yours. If you're after some tips:
    • Green and Yellow nozzles are your best friends. Green good for the majority of stains, with a wide coverage area; while yellow is good for blasting the more stubborn stains.
    • Use all the tools at your disposal, unless the achievement says otherwise i.e. the Fire Station level. This will allow you to get different angles and get above and below every speck of dirt.
    • Don't forget the underneath areas of everything. Or the top of window frames and stuff. These will be the things that catch you out over and over again.
    • Don't constantly use the right trigger, use the auto-spray on left d-pad and save your hand from hours of stress.
    • Oh, and don't forget to spam the heck out of the show dirt button (right on the d-pad).
    • And finally, if you're struggling to locate an item, hit start, go to details (right bumper) and select the item you're missing. It will then flash yellow in the world.

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