Good Dings to Come Achievement

  • Good Dings to Come



    Clean 95% of any job without completing any tasks

    The trickiest of the lot, this one! And one that actually takes some planning, but with some care and patience, you can get this. We found the Van level the easiest to do this with, for a number of reasons:
    • It's not a fiddly level, since most of the parts are actually quite large.
    • And secondly, the body takes up so much actual mass, that if you just focus on this, that's a significant part of the level done by the time you clean it to around 98%.
    So, remember: 95% of the whole job without completing ANY task. Here's the strategy we adopted:
    • As we inferred above, the body is where you're going to want to spend most of your time. Take your time though. Start with the sides, then jump on and do the roof.
    • Once you've done most of the body you can move onto the other big surface areas: the windscreen, the bonnet and the doors (side and back). Just watch out for the lights on the back doors! They're tiny and easy to complete with 1 spray, so be careful around them.
    • Once you've done them, do a good portion of all the wheels and the hubcaps. Around 98%. Check your progress in the pause menu.
    • Do most of the bumpers.
    • Then do a good portion of the grill. Watch out for the indicators and headlights here too.
    • You need most of the large areas to be at around 98%, but be careful not to get them to 99% as sometimes it can jump to 100% even though there's a small portion of dirt left.
    • And then, if you need some more to take that percentage up to 95%, focus on the windows that you have left.
    If you follow that strategy, you should be okay. Whatever you do, take your time. Luckily it's a quick level, so if you do screw it up, you can easily start again - especially if you're in Free Play. It took us a few attempts, but we got there in the end.

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