Gold Standard Achievement

  • Gold Standard



    Get five gold medals in Challenge Mode

    Okay, so you've completed the Career and consider yourself a pro, and you want a challenge. Good job there's a Challenge Mode then! Which is basically a selection of career levels in one of two flavours: a race against the clock; or with a litre challenge applied. Get five gold medals here and the achievement is yours!

    Want some tips? We've got you covered!
    • Honestly, we'd opt for the litre challenges every time over the race against the clock because 1) they're easier; and 2) they're far less stressful. Plus, who wants to be rushed. For instance, we struggled like crazy to nail down the gold medal time for the Van level; but absolutely smashed the litre challenge for the same level: we completed it using only 12.95 litres (you need under 15 litres for the gold). So yeah, the litre challenges are a lot easier.
    • The five easiest, by far, are: Van, Golf Cart, Motorbike & Side Car, the Back Garden and the Bungalow. The latter two will take you much longer than the first three, but they are much easier too, as they give you more litres to work with. I finished the Bungalow with 20 litres left. Don't bother with the Dirt Bike, as it may seem easy, but because of how fiddly it is, it is not. The other three are much easier.
    • DO NOT use the auto-spray button on the d-pad.
    • Spray conservatively. Use the green and white for the majority of the dirt (mostly green); while using the yellow and red to blast the scum off. And don't stand too far away. If you do, the green and white are just not effective at all.
    • Some levels will give you more attachments and soaps. USE them!
    • Strafing is key. Find a line and strafe from left to right. Once you get to the end, lower/higher the trajectory and then go back along that line. A bit like a typewriter.
    Those should be more than enough tips! Good luck out there!

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