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There are 58 achievements with a total of 1195 points

  • You repaired (20) objects on and around Talos I.

  • You killed every Human on and around Talos I.

  • You completed the game without ever acquiring any Typhon power or Human ability.

  • You completed the game without killing any Humans.

  • You killed (5) Mimics in 5 seconds.

  • You killed an enemy while using Combat Focus.

  • You mimicked a Mimic.

  • You mimicked (20) or more unique objects.

  • You acquired a Typhon power.

  • You completed the game once acquiring only Typhon Powers and again acquiring only Human abilities.

  • You hacked at least (20) hackable objects on and around Talos I.

  • You scanned your Phantom Shift duplicate with the Psychoscope.

  • You used Mindjack to free a mind-controlled Human.

  • You killed an enemy while they were Lifted.

  • You blasted yourself as an object for at least 20 meters while in normal gravity.

  • You created a Phantom using Phantom Genesis.

  • You used Psychoshock on a Human.

  • You used Electrostatic Burst to drop two or more Operators at once.

  • You consumed one of every type of food and drink on Talos I.

  • You fully upgraded a weapon.

  • You used a single Recycler Charge to recycle at least 20 objects.

  • You located all employees on Talos I.

  • You read all the e-mails on Talos I.

  • You found and listened to all TranScribe recordings.

  • You acquired a Human ability.


Secret achievements

  • You completed the game in the most empathetic way possible.

  • You recycled yourself.

  • You died to helicopter blades on your first day on the job.

  • You escaped Talos I aboard Dahl's shuttle with only Dahl.

  • You killed Alex.

  • You fled Talos I aboard Alex's escape pod before completing your mission.

  • You found out what happened to Mikhaila's father and let her know.

  • You helped Igwe, January, and Mikhaila meet in your office.

  • You found and listened to all the messages you left for yourself.

  • You killed Luka and avenged Abby.

  • You killed January.

  • You used Danielle's voice samples to access Deep Storage.

  • You performed an apto-regressive neurotomy on Dahl.

  • You recovered Mikhaila's booster shots and healed her.

  • You read the entire Starbender series and don't regret it.

  • You completed the Shipping and Receiving objective and no human lives were lost

  • Adrift



    You rescued Dr. Igwe from a cargo container.

  • You found all the smuggler's dead drops.

  • You used the Psychotronics satellite to dismiss or summon the Typhon Nightmare.

  • You returned to the Simulation Lab and completed the tests in Rooms A, B, and C.

  • You found Dr. Calvino's secret stash.

  • You found Gustav Leitner's Connectome for Dr. Igwe.

  • You met January for the first time.

DLC: Mooncrash

There are 10 achievements with a total of 195 points

  • In Mooncrash, install every neuromod power for every character.

  • In Mooncrash, unlock all 5 playable characters.

  • In Mooncrash, finish the game with a surplus of 50,000 sim points or more.

  • In Mooncrash, damage 3 enemies with a single Psychostatic Cutter projectile.

  • In Mooncrash, complete all Story Objectives.

  • In Mooncrash, you read all of the second Starbender series and still no regrets.

  • In Mooncrash, defeat a Moon Shark.

  • In Mooncrash, GLOO 3 enemies with a single GLOO charge.

  • In Mooncrash, complete all KASMA Orders.

  • In Mooncrash, escape the simulation with all five playable characters in a single run.

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Prey Achievements FAQ

  • How many Prey achievements are there?
    There are 58 achievements to unlock in Prey worth a total of 1195 gamerscore.
  • Are there any secret achievements in Prey?
    There are 23 secret achievements in Prey. Our achievement list contains a full list of all secret achievements in Prey.

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