Sword Master Achievement

  • Sword Master



    Perform 14 hits in one combo.

    The 14 hit combo:

    then or or .

    This achievement can be unlocked whilst fighting any of the bosses, but is easiest to unlock during the first fight with the Concubine.

    If you'd rather unlock this achievement later, make a manual save at this point, and come back to it when you feel ready.

    The combo will be stopped by any of the following:

    - If the enemy hits a wall.
    - If the enemy hits the edge of the arena.
    - The enemy blocks your attack.
    - The enemy hits you.

    So make sure you keep the boss away from the edges of the arena. Make sure you do this combo in the beginning of the game because later in the game lots of enemies will deflect your attacks.

    Make sure you deflect the first attack of the enemy. This will make it drop it's defense and leave them open for the combo.

    The first 3 strings of the combo aren't that hard, the trick is after the combo to make sure you throw the enemy in the air with the button at the end of the 3rd string.

    Now the hard part comes along, after you've thrown the enemy in the air you'll jump after it by pressing the button. When up in the air press the button so Elika jumps into the air and does a magic attack at the enemy.

    After this press so you hit the enemy with the last attack and the enemy will crash into the ground.

    The combination at the end of the combo is the easiest, you'll know when you've done it right when Elika joins the last part of the combo and the moment Elika hits the enemy you just have to mash the button for the combo to end.

    Thanks to xxMaceXxx for the information on this combo.

    This video shows you what the combo should look like:

  • This can be done as early as the second Soldier of Ahriman you face, directly before leaving the tree. Just lure him to an edge and start the combo. Unlike the Combo Specialist achievement, this one will pop even if the combo kills the enemy (which it will).
  • that helped a lot man thanks
  • i swear i've done the combo and it still won't give me the achievement.
  • I'm having trouble with this one, any suggestions?
  • Horrible achievement, can't seem to get it. Guess I'll try again (and again, and again...)
  • personnally i did it at the last boss
  • I just completed this achievement. The video what somewhat helpful to me but the problem with this was not knowing when I pulled that certain combo move off. It took about 20 to 25 retries for me.Slow and steady button pressing is the key.
  • Useful combo in boss battles )) It's Easy to get on the first hunter... The hardest is too attack him 3 times with sword...
  • I got this on my 2nd try with the first fight against the Concubine. I originally tried it against the final boss (Elika's dad, not Ahriman) and against the first fight with the Alchemist, but I just couldn't seem to complete the chain for one reason or another (arena edge, environment, enemy health, etc). I definitely recommend the first fight with the Concubine for those of you having trouble.
  • Thanx for the advice !
  • glitched - won't unlock

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