Be gentle with her Achievement

  • Be gentle with her



    Elika saves you fewer than 100 times in the whole game.

    Beat the game with Elika saving you less than 100 times.

    Every time you see a short clip of Elika reaching out her hand you have been saved. When this happens you will start at the last piece of solid ground you reached before dying, if you died during a boss battle you will be saved and the boss will regain some health.

    If you're about the fall to your death in a area you've already healed you can press the button and teleport to a different healed area without Elika saving you.

    You can also save your game after completing any large string of jumps and load if you fail. Doing this practically guarantees you the achievement, but will make the game take significantly longer to complete.

  • This one (and this one alone) doesn't unlock 'til after the long credits roll, so don't shut off your console in a rage if it doesn't come up with the rest of the "clear game" achievements ;).
  • Thanks for the heads up!
  • If you're about to fall you can quickly hit select and teleport to the nearest fertile ground. Saves you a LOT and should be a guarantee for this achievement.
  • Strangly I got the archievement although Elika saved me more then 100 times.
  • Same as #4. There's no way I came even close to being under 100 saves OR under 12 hours, but I got both achievements after the credits. It's nice to have a glitch work in my favor for once. I wonder if the counts reset when you load from a saved game or something silly like that?
  • Glitches! I love glitches... I got this even though she probably saved me 1000 times! Was going to play it through again but now I don't need to :)
  • i actually believe that what it means by "saves" is when she sort of prevents a boss from killing you. not her saving you from a fall and such. just a speculation tho. cause she saved me from falls billions of times due to carelessness on my part lol. but in fights she rarely saved me.
  • i did not get this achievement at the end of the game, so i guess i screwed up somewhere
  • Ditto to #5, I got both this achievement and the speed demon one after the credits finished. I know Elika saved me more than 100 times (way more) and i probably spent 18hrs playing through the game exploreing and collecting all 1001 light seeds. A nice supprise and saves me going through the game a 2nd time which i was planning on doing.
  • #8, did you let the credits roll until the very end? I think that's the glitch, or maybe a joke by the devs, as I was so far past the 100 Elika saves when I still had several fertile grounds left. I was also well over the 12 hours and that cheevo popped after the end of the credits too.
  • I hope i have luck like you guys...
  • After waiting with her in my arms to get the "Moment to Think" cheevo ( whatever it's called ) I started walking during the credits until I went through the door and they stopped. Does this mean I don't get the achievement? Have I technically skipped the credits? I didn't realise the credits would stop once I walked outside! :(
  • Oh no wait it's cool - I got the Speed Demon cheev one I gave the Light Seed to FAILika and then the REAL credits started rolling....*PHEW* LOL no way did I not die fewer than 100 times or take less than 12 hours to complete the game. Happy days!
  • hope this works for me. i gotta get rackin to check this out. should i try to mot be saved more than 100times anyways to be safe??
  • Just got this and Speed Demon by letting the credits roll all the way to the end. I definitely got saved more than 100 times and I was way over 12 hours. Glitch still works.
  • Dont even try with this one.... Youll get it no matter how many times you "die"

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