Improviser Achievement

  • Improviser



    Use the environment against an enemy.

    During one of the fights with the Hunter you'll notice a pillar in the middle of the area. If you do a combo (a simple 3 hit combo) while the pillar is behind the Hunter you'll start a button mashing mini-game. If you win this you'll throw him into this pillar and you'll get the achievement.

    There are several pillars like this throughout the game, they are found in the center of the room in most boss battles.

  • Your description is wrong. There is no button-mash. I followed your directions and got a whole bunch of nothing. Then I watched a YouTube video and saw how simple it was. Let me clarify. You have to hit your opponent into a pillar and break it. That's it. I found the X X Y combo to work nicely.
  • i did this one against the warrior just hitted him untill he hits a pillar
  • I've watched videos and read walkthroughs and I've tried on multiple fights. The achievement still will not trigger. Is anyone else having issues with this one?
  • Yea it glitched on me too

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