Warrior Special Achievement

  • Warrior Special



    Dodge the Warrior's attacks 20 times in one battle.

    The Warrior is one big bloke that can’t be damaged by normal attacks. His attacks are slow and easy to anticipate. Every time he tries to swing at you press up or down on the and the button to roll to the left or right. If done correctly you won’t get hit.

    Do this 20 times in one battle for this achievement to unlock.

    This achievement can be unlocked in any of the battles with the Warrior.

  • I did this when you have to defeat him by pushing him into the pillars in the "Tower of Ormazd" area, before you push him into the weak pillars, I found it easiest to grab on to him in which he pushes you out and after a second he swings with his corrupted arm so if you double tap (A) so the prince slides under it (so that's how you know you've successfully dodged an attack)then you just repeat until you get the achievement hope this helps if you are struggling :)
  • I continuously walked a sideways circle around him and hit A to roll when he took a swing. Worked perfectly.

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