Light Seeds master Achievement

  • Light Seeds master



    Collect 1001 Light Seeds.


    There are 20 normal area’s with 45 Light seeds each, 4 area’s with 25 light seeds that you’ll get after defeating the boss in that area. That makes a total of 1000 light seeds. The last seed can be found after defeating the final boss in the palace and completing the final scene, this final seed cannot be missed.

    You need a minimum of 540 Light Seeds to finish the game.

    If you're having problems finding specific Light Seeds you can ask for help here (LINK). There are also a number of videos on YouTube that will help you find all of the Light Seeds.

    Make sure you save the game before going into the palace to fight the last boss because you can’t go back once you've entered the palace.

  • the light seed achievements are actually missable if you don't save before the final fight. Not sure why this guide doesn't count them as such.
  • I suggest going on YouTube and searching where they are in individual areas, it's not that hard just very tedious.
  • if u juste take a look carefully you shouldnt miss any ( maybe 2 in each section ) but after a second walk i found them all
  • The Guide misses the fact that there is a severe glitch involving this achievement. Check the forum or google for "999 light seed glitch". Yes, the glitch even has its own nickname.
  • For all those who may be stuck with the 999 glitch, note that "City Gate," the entrance stage to the City of Light series, might be sitting at 45/45 light seeds. Had to do a few comparisons with my many save files to find out where my glitch occurred and located it around this stage. Replayed the stage, followed videos, finished this stage and "Tower of Ahriman." Checked my status again, lo and behold, 46/45. The light seed count was correct minus the extra light seed. In conclusion, 1 of the light seed on "City Gate" is the extra and does not count towards the total light seed count. If you're stuck at 999, try following some vids, get that 46/45, and get your achievement. Good luck! Link of proof:
  • Link fail fix:

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