Speed Kill Achievement

  • Speed Kill



    Kill 10 generic enemies before they spawn.

    When you’re climbing or wallrunning to certain places you’ll encounter enemies (like duh). Sometimes you’ll see black light shooting out of the ground meaning a spawn point for an enemy. If you’re fast enough and reached a place where an enemy is about to spawn you can simply press the button next to the black light to kill this enemy.

    Do this a total of 10 times to unlock the achievement. There are more than enough fights like this during a single playthrough.

  • This on glitched on me, but in a good way. I just did it once, and it popped up.
  • can't get close to the black smoke, as soon as I land on the ground with the smoke, the battle begins
  • As for t3mp3r, I had to do just one of these after healing area 2 [starting from left to right, this was the 1st alchemist area] reach ground level, as you set off on the way to area 3, there will be a small oval of platform / wall run and your path will direct you to the right, go left [this is merely a loop around another room, with a few light seeds and a spawn at the top - this was when the game told me of being able to beat the spawns of enemies]

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