Precious Time Achievement

  • Precious Time



    Take one minute to think.

    After the final fight with Ahriman in the Tree Palace you'll end up with Elika in your arms. Stay still and do nothing for a complete minute. Don't even touch the controller...go on...put it down. Go make some popcorn or something because after this you'll enter the last part of the game.

  • halp?
  • For some reason wont unlock for me
  • You must stand still with elika in your hands, after defeating the end boss you pick her up and then don't do anything and that's it.
  • Thanks this was really doing my head in.
  • Is this toward the very end of the game?
  • This one is easy, after you have finished the final boss just stay still it pops after the minute had ended
  • Just stay still at the end for 1 min lol

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