Speed Demon Achievement

  • Speed Demon



    Finish the game in under 12 hours.

    There’s no way to track this but I got this one after just playing the game. Yeah, just playing, no speed run or skipping steps in the storyline. I also found 700 light seeds and sometimes just forget to pause the game while I was eating (I eat fast). So I think most people will get this by the end of their first playthrough.

  • Just play as you normally would. Being overly prepared by constantly saving and loading when you die is just gonna wear you out and become boring really quickly. You'll probably finish this in 10 hours or less anyway.
  • I got this Achievement while playing waaay over 12 hours, as it seems some others have too. Either this is a little glitched or the counter only ticks while you are doing a specific thing (although I doubt that).
  • Does waiting in the pause menu effect this?
  • I'll pause it for 12 hours and let you know shall I? ...
  • I got this on my first playthrough while getting all other achievements except the 800/900/1001 light seeds and I didn't found all combo's

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