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  • Combo Specialist



    Find every combo in the game.

    Information on all combos required for this achievement can be found here (LINK). Thanks to B1indSide and Jones23 for the thread.

  • That guide in the link you provided is AWESOME!!! thanks! Here is a real easy way to get this achievement. Early in the game the enemies you fight are easy and don't block a whole lot. From the very beginning, just start doing all the combos. I purposely started with the 5-button ones first and worked my way through the easier ones. When you fight bosses, intentionally make Elika save you so they get health back and can fight longer. The first time you fight each boss is an opportunity to hit them with as many combos as possible. I did a combo, crossed it off the list, did another one, crossed it off. I started with the Hunter, then the Concubine. By the time I finished off the Alchemist this achievement popped! I was so happy.
  • Yip, more or less the same as above. Copied all the combos into Word and deleted each one as I did it. I used the Concubine for most of it - she seems pretty open to allowing all attacks through. I got down to my last two combos and started having a sickening feeling that it wasn't going to work, because I thought some might not have registered due to hitting a wall or being deflected, but I had been pretty diligent in repeating combos if I suspected that of happening and as soon as I finished off the last corrupted soldier I faced, the achievement popped up.
  • I had quite a bit of trouble with this achievement. Reason being, after completing all the combos listed, i expected the cheevo to pop up. You MUST KILL/FINISH whatever enemy you performed the last combo on before it pops up. Good advice on post #1. And i can confirm the list linked on the achievement guide of this site DOES work. I began a new game and did the combos from that list on the first 2 ahriman soldiers at the beginning of the game after Elika's father cuts the tree. Then the i finished on the Hunter. Soon as i killed him, i got that lovely "Blip" noise ;)
  • Maybe its just me, but im not seeing a link to click on?
  • Thanks for the Guide, this turned out to be not so hard after all. At first I thought that it would be a good idea to try the combos (including the 14 hit combo) on the warrior as he doesn't lose health, but since he's too heavy to grab/throw, it won't work. Instead, print a list of the combos needed, then hit the first fertile grounds (alchemist and concubine seem to work the best) working your way through the combos. After you've got them all, finish the fight and voila, 50G.
  • Now, this Achievement was pretty glitchy for me. I followed the same stragey as above, started a new game and worked my way through the easy first encounters with each enemy. The thing is, after I finished the list, the Achievement just didn't pop. So for the next two hours, I tried and retried every combo in the hope that the Achievement would unlock. When I was on the verge of just giving up, I went to guide to look at the description for the Achievement, and noticed that it had been unlocked. I unlocked the thing but didn't see it pop. That's a first.... So my tip: If you suspect that you've completed the combo list, wait a minute or two if it doesn't pop, then check the Xbox Guide!
  • Does anyone know if you can load your saved game before fighting a boss and defeat the boss using a certain set of combos then reload your save and try to fight the boss using a different set of combos to finish the list?
  • @7 I second that question. I am trying to do that at this moment. I will update if I can answer that.
  • @7, I just did all the combos spread out over 4 different saves. This achievement did not pop. I am guessing it must be all in one playthrough. I was at the concubine when I did this so all the moves were done on her and then let her heal up to continue. When she stopped healing I did as many as possible then just killed her with random buttons because the combos do not count when the enemy is killed by it. I did this 4 times to get them all and then waited and still not achievement. Thus it must be on one playthrough/save only. Stinks but it isn't so bad because if its still not achieved by the end of the game, then you can just start a new one and be sure to count each of them. Hope this helps.
  • I'm getting super frustrated. I have followed the guide 3 times now. I have read multiple forums, so I make sure that the enemy doesn't hit an egde, doesn't hit a wall, doesn't hit corruption, doesn't block and that they don't die to the move before I count it as complete and I still can't get it.
  • If someone else is having issues, check this vid for clarification. I just did all these combos in two fights against the Concubine (two separate locations) and I finally got it!

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