To be continued... Achievement

  • To be continued...



    Congratulations, the game is complete...the story has only just begun...

    You will unlock this achievement after defeating the final boss, and completing the last scene of the game.

    This achievement is part of the storyline and CANNOT be missed.

  • Someone Please help, it's not giving me this acheivement, She's lying on the flat tomb thing at the end and ahriman is whispering stuff, but no acheivement, please msg me. . .
  • nm, I got it, had to do something pretty distateful in the game their after that, but now it's over. . . It also gave me the be gentle and speed demon even though I definitely didn't qualify for both of those (probably like 500 saves). . .
  • To complete this after u put her on the table there r three trees glowing cut them down and then go in the temple and cut the tree in side u will get a light seed take to her and there u go injoy
  • by the way this is is the last one for the 1001 seeds achievement.
  • and there is four trees !?
  • you gave cut the trees down in the fields !! then go back in the temple and cut that first one down to get the light seed and then bring it to her on the stone table

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