I Only Need a Hand or Twenty Achievement

  • I Only Need a Hand or Twenty



    Elika saves you fewer than 20 times in the whole Epilogue.

    The Epilogue isn't very long, so this achievement isn't too tricky. Save on every piece of the solid ground and you shouldn't have a problem. If Elika has to save you by reaching out to grab your hand, reload and try again.

  • I just came back to this game after all this time and i have no idea how to play it anymore so she saved me 20 times in the first area :P
  • Ha, that is funny. I just came back after the past couple years too, let's hope I dont die as often as you mentioned.
  • Just so people know, I learned the hard way that when Elika saves you in battle those saves count toward the achievement. I only died once in platforming without reloading, but didn't obtain this. After not playing the game in two years the combat really has been getting me.
  • anybody wait until after the credits rolled and ended to see if this one popped then, like in the main game?
  • #4, That does not work, I have tried myself :-(

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