All The Frescos Achievement

  • All The Frescos



    Reach all Ormazd's Frescos in the Epilogue.


    There are a total of 10 frescos in the Epilogue, you'll need to run across all of them for this achievement. The video below shows you all 10 frescos and how to reach them.

    Please note, this video was made on the PS3 version of the game. The achievement is exactly the same as the trophy. 
  • is it possible to obtain this through multiple playthroughs or do they have to be reached in the same playthrough?
  • This is a MUCH better clearer video than the one shown on the guide.
  • I've run over all the Frescos in different playthroughs but haven't got the achievement, so am assuming it has to be one whole playthrough.
  • One full playthrough. I made seperate saves after each fresco and had completely missed the first Tomb fresco so reloaded the save before that, and just had to make a quick playthrough to the end and the achievement popped. Thanks to JonTheGod's link. :)
  • Remember when you are going for 20 or less "deaths" and you die in same room where fresco is located after reloading your save, you need to obtain it AGAIN. Just made 2nd playthrough for 100% GS and you only get achiev if all the frescos are greyed out when you leave the room.

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