Born Dead Achievement

  • Born Dead



    Kill all the soldiers of the Epilogue before they spawn.

    There are 7 normal enemies in the Epilogue. Kill all 7 before they spawn for this achievement. You should be saving on every piece of solid ground, that way, if you mess up, you can reload and try again. Be quick as some of the soldiers seem to spawn rather quickly.

    Please note that the achievement will unlock at the end of the game, when the credits begin.

  • Is it just me or is this achievement a pain in the arse. Plus I quit to reload and it won't quit I have to dashboar
  • The stupid soldier in the chimney (after the 2nd Fresco) is impossible to kill before spawn.... Doesn't he count or something wtf...
  • The Soldier in Chimney is impossible if you don't know the trick. After the ring but before the fissure hit LB. Time it to go under the wall blob. This will force the prince to start wall sliding. If you take the regular fissure, Prince wastes too much time by grabbing Elika.
  • *EDIT FOR PREVIOUS POST Button to press is RB not LB >.
  • @3 Thank you so much for posting that, I was getting ready to start my game over thinking I had screwed something up. Would have never thought of it. You should post it in the achievement guide if you can!
  • Although I found that descending under the wall blob keeps you too far left. A better way to do it is to go over the last blob, then hit RB just before reaching the vertical fissure and descending right next to it.
  • Message to Dust star 101: Thanks for the info concerning this success. Very few info info on the net. I did the succes finally!! Yo!
  • DustStar nailed it and LeafKing pefected it, worked first time.
  • yes thank you chuck I mean DustStar!
  • Thank you Dust Star and Leaf King. I would have never figured that out.

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