- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 12 [200]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 2-4 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
- Number of missable achievements: 2
- Glitched achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No cheat codes


Prince Of Persia Classic is a remake of the original Prince Of Persia using the Prince character from the Sands of Time trilogy. To get the full 200, you will have to play through the game twice; once on Normal then once more on Survival. It's possible to miss two achievements during your Normal playthough, "Upside Down" and "Elixirs Of Life", so be sure to keep those in mind. Your first playthough should be focused on learning how the Prince's moves work and what paths you should take. This will prepare you for the challenging Survival mode.

Step 1: Normal Playthough
Normal is the only mode available at first, so head straight into that. Take time in the first level to get used to how the Prince runs, stops, and jumps. The traps and layouts of the levels continue to get harder, so understanding his movements is a must. The majority of the achievements will unlock as you progress though the levels. On the 9th level, keep an eye out for the two inverse potions. Also, take note of where the 9 Elixirs of Life are found in the various levels.

Step 2: Survival Playthough
Upon finishing Normal, you will unlock Time Attack and Survival. Survival requires that you finish the entire game (14 levels) in under one hour and with only one life. Everything is exactly the same as in Normal mode so there are no new surprises waiting for you. Make sure you always know where to go next and get their efficiently and carefully. Don't neglect the Elixirs too, they are valuable in boss fights.

Normal mode is really the training ground for the Survival run. It will put you to the test, so don't be hesitant to practice in Time Attack mode.

 [XBA would like to thank jukkakhan for this Roadmap]

Prince of Persia Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Find the sword in the first level.

    This achievement is unlocked by finding the sword on the first level. The sword is the first item that you will find and the achievement will unlock as you pick up the sword. For more detailed instructions on the location of the sword open the below spoiler.

    -You start the game at the very bottom of the dungeon, with the gate closing
    behind you. Lower yourself to the bottom path, then run over to the right
    against the wall. The floor should have fallen out in the middle. Lower
    yourself down to the next room, hanging from the ledge, as the fall will take
    away some energy if you fall too far.

    -When you land, run left and climb up to enter the next room.

    -Run to the left and jump over the gap. Now step on the pressure plate to open
    the gate and go left into the room.

    -In this room, climb down to the level below you and trip the pressure plate on
    the right. Now jump over the gap to your left and climb up to the next room.

    -Run left without stopping (the floor drops out) and enter the next room.

    -Step on the pressure plate upon entering the room. Now run and jump across
    the gap WITHOUT landing on the pressure plate on the other side (it will close
    the gate you just opened). Climb up the wall and into the next room.

    -Jump across the gap and continue to run left into the next room.

    -Climb down to the bottom and grab the SWORD.
    ***END SPOILER***

    This achievement will be unlocked by playing through the story.

  • Wake up the immortal in the catacombs.

    At the very start of level 3 you will find a skeleton. The achievement will unlock as you see it.
    This achievement will be unlocked by playing through the story.

  • Break the magic mirror and free the dark prince.

    At the end of level 4 you will destroy a mirror and then jump through it.
    This achievement will be unlocked by playing through the story.

  • Kill the chief guard.

    You will find the chief guard in the 6th level. The 6th level is fairly short and this is pretty much the only enemy you encounter.
    This achievement will be unlocked by playing through the story.

  • Drink the float potion and glide down.

    At the end of level 7 you will drink a potion. The screen will flash after you drink the potion and the achievement will unlock shortly after.
    This achievement will be unlocked by playing through the story.

  • Receive help from the mouse to escape the trapped corridor.

    At the end of level 8 a small white mouse will appear and step on a pressure plate, this activates the door and your achievement.
    This achievement will be unlocked by playing through the story.

  • Drink both inverse potions.

    Both potions can be found on level 9 nearby each-other.

    Originally Posted by RavenBlackthorn

    I initially bypassed the first potion and began searching for the second potion. Keep in mind that the butterfly will not lead you to the second upside-down potion, it will take you straight to the exit which is not too far away. My advice would be to bypass the first potion, grab the Elixer of Life and continue (left and down if I remember correctly) to search for the second potion. Once you grab the second potion simply backtrack and grab the first one. You'll be in the ackward upside down mode for only 30 seconds or so.


  • Kill a guard with a slicer or a spike trap.

    For this achievement lead a guard over a spike trap and have it activate while he is on it to deal him damage. Kill him with that and the achievement is yours. It is recommended to do this on the 7th level at the beginning.

  • Find all 9 life potions.


    You can find all the elixirs in the following locations
    lvl 1 - above the sword, you can get there by the gates.
    lvl 2 - after the big jump and fight with the guy
    lvl 3 - when you have to jump to open the gates, keep going right.
    lvl 4 - go left till the end
    lvl 5 - after the first fight go up and right. You have to close the gate before Dark Prince will get to the potion.
    lvl 7- after you open the main gate keep running right.
    lvl 9 - when you'll see green upside/down potion go left.
    lvl 10 - keep going right till the end and bring down the panel above the guard
    lvl 11 - when you'll get to the guard, take panel down and keep running left.
    If you are having trouble check the below video guide.

    Please note:
    In lvl 9 everything was upside down.

  • Unify the prince and the dark prince.

    During level 12 you will find your shadow on a bridge. You need to unsheathe your sword (B button) and run twords him to merge with him. Killing him kills you and not merging will cause you to fall to your death later.
    This achievement will be unlocked by playing through the story.

  • Save the princess.

    There are 14 levels in total and you need to beat them all.

  • Finish the game without dying in survival mode.

    In order to complete this achievement you need to finish all 14 levels of survivor mode. This means beating the entire game, in 1 sitting, without dying once. It is recommended to play through the game at least once to familiarize yourself with the controls and the levels. Good luck.

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