- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 [1/10 for 840, 4/10 for 160]
- Offline: 6 [840]
- Online: 3 [160]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 10 Hours [Add about 5 more hours if you don’t have a turbo controller]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 MVP Penant, 1 Maji Penant, 1 Meishou Penant, Online and Various Mode Achievements
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Does Difficulty Effect Achievements: No
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats

Welcome to the Pro Baseball Spirits 3 Achievement Roadmap. This game was released back in 2006 for Japan Xbox 360’s only. You need a Japanese Xbox 360 to play it as it is not region free. For the most part it is easy, however, there are a few things that need to be referenced before playing. If you follow these steps you should get 1000G with no problems in about 10 Hours, however, it could take up to 15 hours. If you want a quick 440G for a Gamerscore boost for some reason you can get 440G in a little over an hour if you have a boosting partner for the online and by playing one season of Meishou Pennant, one season of MVP penant, and the three online achievements which quitting counts towards getting the online achievements. The rest will take a bit longer.

The important thing to know is to get some of the achievements you need in game points called VC. You earn these by playing season mode games and for all the achievements it DOES NOT MATTER if you win or lose. You need VC for the training, pitching, and home run derby achievements so save those 3 for last after you have enough VC saved.

1. Bookmark this translation guide and use it.

This gives a translation of all the menus and makes things a lot easier.

2. Meishou Penant Mode 120 G
This one is simple. Just select Meishou Penant Mode pick the lowest number of games, then keep pressing A for about half an hour straight. A turbo controller makes this faster, but is not required.

3. MVP Penant Mode 160 G
Select this from the main menu and just keep pressing A. I picked the Chiba Lotte Marines, which have a duck logo holding a bat. This is basically your “My player” mode from the MLB 2k series. However, you can make this very easy on yourself. First pick only a ten game season. By picking the marines you should be the starting pitcher. All you want to do is keep walking batters on purpose and by the third inning the manager will take you out and you can sim the rest of the game. Repeat this for all the remaining games and the achievement will unlock.

4. Maji Penant Mode 400G
This is the one that will be a grind. It will also effect if you finish this game in 10 hours or less or if it will take more. You need to play all 9 innings of each game. You can lose the game; it does not matter if you win. There are a few ways to make this easier. First, by using the translation guide you want to make sure you turn anything that can be a deterrent off. Therefore, make sure the cut scenes are set to minimal, the errors are off, injuries off, and anything else you feel can make it faster. Make sure it is on the easiest difficulty possible and that everything that can be set to auto is turned to the auto position. What I mean by this are the fielding, running, defense, strategy, and some pitching mechanics can all be set to auto. This means you barely have to do anything at all. The fielders will field for you. You can stand there and get struck out when batting. The only thing you will have to do is pitch just press A to pitch down the middle let your fielders field it for you and repeat this till the game ends. If no one scores it is called a tie after 12 innings. Each 9 inning game played legitly takes about 30 minutes so by doing the math it can take up to 15 hours just for this one achievement. However, if you have a turbo pad EVERYTHING involves just pressing A. So simply set the turbo pad to repeat A over an over and you can do this while sleeping. New games will be set up, it will go to the next game automatically and it should cut down the games to about 15 minutes a piece instead of 30 and you don’t have to do anything, but leave it running. After the season is complete the achievement will unlock.

One other thing to note the game doesn't save unless you finish a game and select the bottom option on the pennant menu which is save and quit. Quitting during a game will put you back to the main menu and you will lose all your progress.

5. Xbox Live 5, 10, 20 Played 160G Total.
Simply go into the quick match mode under the Xbox live menu. Hit quick match at the same time as your boosting partner and once the game loads continue to press A until the game starts. Once it loads and the game is waiting for you to make the first pitch quit out and the game will count. Repeat 9 additional times to get the three achievements.

6. Home Run Derby, Strike Pitch Mode, Trial Mode 160G total.
At this point you should have 840G and just these 3 achievements left. They all require doing different baseball things such as hitting home runs, perfect pitches, and training drills. Please refer to the achievement guide for exact details on these 3 achievements.

Overall other than the 3 achievements in step 6 this game is effortless. The season modes require just finishing them, you can quit out of the online games which speeds up that achievement dramatically and just a basic knowledge of baseball will help you with the other achievements.

[XBA would like to thank anthonyd46 for this Roadmap]

Pro Baseball Spirits 3 Achievement Guide

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There are 9 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • ホームラン競争で20本打つ (Hit 20 home runs in Home Run Contest)

    This at first may seem to be a very difficult achievement since you have to hit 20 straight pitches for homeruns and you cant have any foulballs or missed swings. 1st tip, In most baseball games you have to swing early to hit the ball and you have alot of room for error, well in this game you need to swing late and you have very little room for error. Once you get the timing down it shouldnt be too difficult from here. 2nd Tip, you can at any time press the RB button to center your bat on the sweet part of the ball to get the maximum power on your swing. 3rd Tip, If you are still having trouble, try picking the stadium with the shortest field and switching the batting options around to your liking. Most Important tip, In order to get this achievement you have to be doing the Homerun Derby in VP Mode which costs VP. Now you only have a certain amount of VP to start with, so practice doing the free homerun derbys before moving on the VP one. (See Achievement #3 on a easy way to earn more VP).

  • ストライクピッチで4ボードクリアする (Clear 4 boards with Strike Pitch)

    This achievement was a pretty difficult one for me to tackle until i figured out what exactly i had to do and finding the right pitcher to do it. 1st Tip, When Selecting a pitcher it gives two rating for the pitcher a Speed rating (the bigger of the 2 letters) and a Control rating (the Smaller of the two letters), the rating are S, A, B, C, D, E, etc. with S bieng the highest. The way i did this achievement was find a pitcher with at least a A ranking in control, speed doesnt really matter. 2nd Tip, When pitching in Strike Pitch, There are 8 numbers surrounding a skull in the middle, you have to clear two numbers with each pitch without ever hitting the skull (it will reset the board). Once you get all 8 numbers knocked down a new board opens up with the skull getting bigger and numbers getting smaller for each round. You have to do this for 4 rounds, so Sixteen straight pitches without missing. The trick is to aim right in between two numbers, that is why you need a pitcher with good control. Just like Achievement #1 you have to do this in VP Mode with costs VP. Practice alot in the free Strike Pitch before moving on to the VP one. (See Achievement #3 on a easy way to earn more VP).

  • トライアルモードで全問クリアする (Clear all parts of Trial Mode)

    This Achievement seems very hard at first but upon a little trial and error should be a breeze. You have to complete 10 tasks at each position on the field (C, P, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, LF, CF, RF) and you have to complete 3 baserunning drills (1B, 2B, 3B). The Tricky part is, that you have to do all 10 in a row without failing or you have to start back at one again. The tasks are completely random, so it makes it a bit more difficult. They very from fielding ground balls, catching popflys, turning double plays or tagging runners out. Tip #1, When I was doing this I noticed that before the play starts a little black bar pops up in the middle of the screen telling you what to do, well unless you understand Japanese, you cant read it. The Only thing I could understand was a single digit, after a while I figured out that the digit was a sign or where u had to throw the ball. This made it alot easier. A few signs popped up that didnt have digits, normally when that happened it meant i was supposed to turn a double play. Tip#2, When doing the baserunning achievements the same concept applies. Look for the digits and try and complete the task, The were a few signs that pop up that dont have digits, one was a must steal sign (meaning you have to steal or you fail). Another one is kinda like a situation sign (meaning you have to make a choice like tag-up or stay put or etc.). Tip #3, Each time you complete a position you earn 1000 VP, so what I did was Do all the trails and earn alot of VP then went back and did the First 2 Achievements.

  • Xbox Liveモード ランクマッチを5試合こなす (Play 5 ranked matches in Xbox Live)

    This is very simple, You dont even have to finish the match or even win for that matter. Start or Join a game and quit out if you want.

  • Xbox Liveモード ランクマッチを10試合こなす (Play 10 ranked matches in Xbox Live)

    See "Xbox Live Mode 5 Ranked Matches".

  • Xbox Liveモード ランクマッチを20試合こなす (Play 20 ranked matches in Xbox Live)

    See "Xbox Live Mode 5 Ranked Matches".

  • マジペナントモードで1シーズンクリアする (Clear one season in Maji Penant mode)

    This Achievement is very simple, just time consuming. You have to Play a season in Maji Penant Mode. When you first select this mode it gives you some options as to season length, the shortest one is 30. Pick the 30 game season and play it out, there is so simulating in this mode. You dont have to win the games, just complete the season.

  • MVPペナントモードで1シーズンクリアする (Clear one season in MVP Penant mode)

    This Achievement is very easy and take about an hour or so. You have to play a season in MVP Penant mode. Also when selecting this mode pick the shorest season length, I believe its 10. When in this mode you only control one player, much like the Superstar mode in Madden Football. All you have to do is pick a team with a pitcher as there MVP and pitch real bad. They will eventually sub you out and sim the rest of the game. Do this for 10 games and you will have your achievement.

  • 名将ペナントモードで1シーズンクリアする (Clear one season in Meishou Penant mode)

    This is a very easy achievement. Once again start a season in Manager mode and pick the shortest season length. Basically all you have to do is press A for about 30 mins and you will have you achievement

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