- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 24 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 30+ hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 12 [depending on in game performance]
- Number of missable achievements: None!
- Glitched achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes [mission specific requirements only achievable on hard]

Welcome to Project Sylpheed, a fun space-shooter with a great little story line. I have given the game's difficulty a 5/10 as the achievements are not so much hard as they are time consuming. None of the achievements can be earned in the stage select mode, you can only earn them in story mode and for some bizarre reason at the end of a mission the game auto saves before displaying your mission stats and rank, thus meaning that if you were trying for a mission specific achievement you would have to finish the game and replay until you get back to that mission, so I would strongly suggest you disable the auto save function and get in the habit of manual saving at the end of each mission. This way you can simply reload your game if you fail to meet the achievement requirements. Also only use one save file for the game as each time you complete the game you have a cleared game save that keeps all your purchased weapons and overall game stats.

Weapons unlock throughout the game by completing requirements such as completing missions and purchasing the weapons themselves. I would recommend you purchase the condor 120AM missiles, the pointer SM missile and the cauldron 50 rockets as soon as you can as these are some of the most effective weapons in the game and are obtainable quite early on. Having said that try to test different weapon combinations that suit you and your play style. Even two years after its release date there is still speculation on what requirements or sub objectives have to be met on certain missions for the achievements to unlock, so I have listed the achievements exactly how I earned them myself to make sure you get them too.

Step 1: First Playthrough
For your first playthrough of the game set the difficulty to easy, just enjoy the game and get a feel for it, don’t worry about any achievements at this point you will unlock 6 just for playing through the story. Chances are you may even unlock some other achievements along the way. With that done, on to step 2.

Step 2: Second Playthrough
Again keep the difficulty on easy, if you didn’t unlock the "1000 Units Destroyed Medal" and "Ship Hunter Award" on the first playthrough you should unlock them anytime soon. After completing the game you should now have the 3 weapons I mentioned above and you will find the game a lot easier now and be able to take enemies down a lot quicker.

Now it’s time for some mission specific achievements. Throughout the game you will encounter 2 enemy squads, the Hellfires and the Guilty Roses, they are an optional objective and will be displayed by a yellow marker. Make sure you defeat all of them every time you encounter them, just lock onto them with a full round of condors when they are in formation when they first appear and they should be on their last legs, you will unlock the "Guilty Roses Patch" at stage 11 and the "Hellfires Patch" at stage 13. Now starting in order from the beginning of the game, meet the following requirements on each mission to unlock the relevant achievement:

Stage 2: "Schlos Base Defense Award": destroy all cruise ship missiles, taking them out with the cauldron rockets should send them down quickly, you should receive a sub objective so you know you got them all.

Stage 3: "Aegis of the People Medal": all ships survived, just make good use of the condor missiles and take out any warships quickly and this shouldn’t be a problem, again you should receive a sub objective as a notification.

Stage 6: "Soldier’s Charm Amulet": shortly after the third part of the mission starts Raymond will tell you that he is in trouble, then Ellen will tell him you are on your way to help but he will tell you to concentrate on the mission instead, ignore that command by going to his rescue and just keep taking out every enemy near him and in sight until he thanks you and you receive the sub objective, again the condor missiles work like a charm but be patient as there are quite a lot of enemies to destroy until you save him, again you will receive a sub objective as confirmation.

Stage 8: "TCAF Jupiter Medal": there is speculation to what actually unlocks this and you probably would have unlocked it naturally on your first playthrough, but supposing you didn’t, I received mine on easy and met the allied cruiser survived, all ships survived, defeat guilty roses and defeat guilty roses in a short time sub objectives so follow that and it will unlock.

Stage 9: "Furious Pursuit Badge": this is probably the hardest achievement in the game, and again there is speculation to what actually unlocks it. NOTE: that if you die then restart the mission as when you die you lose your kill score and this achievement is dependent on your number of kills, so take it slow and re supply when needed don’t try and be a hero or you will get killed and have to start over. It would appear that you MUST get the sub objectives for destroying all enemies in a short time in part one and kill all enemies in the terraforming unit in part 3 (fly behind it and there are 4 warships). Kills seem to count as well, go for a minimum of 25 warships and 130 warplanes. I unlocked mine after meeting the sub objectives for all ships survived, destroyed all enemies in a short time in part one, defeat guilty roses, all ships survived in part 2, destroy enemies hiding in the terraforming unit and all ships survived in part 3, I got a rank B 156 killed warplanes and 26 killed warships. Follow that and you should be fine.

Stage 12: "Super Battleship Slayer Patch", destroy the second S battleship, as soon as the mission starts ignore everything else and take out the S battleship, 2 pointer missiles and a few cauldron rockets should do the trick, once its down a second one will spawn, repeat the same method to down it quickly and the mission will end and the achievement will unlock.

Stage 13: "TCAF Terra Medal", as long as you meet the all ships survived sub objective it will unlock.

Step 3: Third Playthrough
Now it’s time to take it to the next level and play on hard. If you haven’t already unlocked the "Weapons Lord Patch" you will do so by the end of this playthrough. Same drill here, just meet the following requirements on each mission to unlock the relevant achievements.

Stage 5: "TCAF Mars Medal": get an S rank to unlock this, just kill everything you can as quickly as you can and you should naturally get the sub objective for destroying all enemies and targeting bird flight (which some people say you need for the achievement), I however did not and the achievement unlocked.

Stage 14: "Night Ravens Patch": Again get an S rank to unlock this. You don’t even need to meet any sub objectives. Margras can be tricky although I took him out with 5 well lined up cauldron rockets.

Stage 15: "Solar System Defense Award": Another S rank to unlock this, just kill everything and you should be fine. On the second part the trick is to take out one S battleship, then kill everything else in sight, then take out the last S battleship.

At this point the only achievements you should have remaining are the "10,000 Units Destroyed Medal", "Gigaton Club Patch" and "TCAF Pilot’s Commendation". You will have to complete the game another 8 or so times on easy and just kill kill kill until they unlock. Remember to turn auto save off and only use one save file throughout the game.

[XBA would like to thank xentaria for this Roadmap]

Project Sylpheed Achievement Guide

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There are 24 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Awarded for participating in fighter combat in outer space.

    Complete the first mission on any difficulty.

  • Awarded for stopping enemy attacks on Schlos Base.

    Shoot down the all 9 of the interstellar cruise missiles on any difficulty if one hits the base then its no good. If your doing this on your first few times through use whatever weapon you have in the third weapon slot like a railgun to down the missiles.

  • Awarded for escorting the 7 refugee ships to safety.

    Make sure that all 7 refugee ships escape on any diffculty. Easiest way to do this is to engage the attackers as they are the only ones that do major damage to the ships. The first 3 are during part 2 and the last 4 are found in part 3.

  • Awarded for bravery beyond the call of duty to escort allied vessels to safety.

    As far as I can tell and others that have beat the game. Clear mission 4 on any difficulty.

  • Awarded for bravery beyond the call of duty under fierce enemy attacks.

    There may be other ways to do it but I got it by clearing the mission 5 on hard.

  • Given to you by Raymond as a token of his trust.

    Now this one confused a lot of people. No matter what happens Raymond gives you the charm after the mission however to get the achievement you have to save Raymond when he gets in trouble during mission 6 and tells you to not rescue him. It can be done on any difficulty.

  • Awarded to the commander and pilots of the White Griffon Squadron when it is formed.

    You get this after the squadron is commissioned as the White Griffons. I remember getting this after completing mission 6 on any difficulty. Some people did get it after clearing mission 7.

  • Awarded for bravery beyond the call of duty during withdrawal of the allied fleet.

    Clear mission 7 on any difficulty and you should get the achievements.

  • Awarded for diligently shooting down large numbers of enemy ships.

    Now this one took me awhile. You don't need to kill every enemy just almost every enemy. When I got the Achievement I had missed 4 enemies during the 2nd part. During the 3rd part you have to kill all or most of the enemies I got it for clearing all of them. You need to kill the enemies behind the terraforming unit and wipe out the initial wave of fighters. Once you kill the last Night Raven fighter he calls for back up then kill the reinforcements and you should have your achievement. can be done on any difficulty.

  • Awarded for descending into the atmosphere and engaging in combat alone.

    Clear mission 9 on any difficulty.

  • Awarded for fulfilling duty and fighting bravely in this difficult operation.

    Clear mission 10 completing Operation Nebula Blaze on any difficulty.

  • Awarded for repelling the enemy Guilty Roses Squadron.

    Now there are 2 ways to this from what I've been hearing. If you pay on hard difficulty you will get it the first time you beat them on other difficulties I gather you need to kill them in each engagement and then you will get it after Mission 11.

  • Awarded for shooting down the second S battleship supporting the enemy fleet.

    To get this on mission 12 ignore most of the other warships or kill ones that are not marked as objectives and kill the Super Battleship first. If you do that another one jumps on kill that one and beat the mission and you have the achievement.

  • Awarded for shielding the fleet to allow its safe escape.

    Clear mission 13 on any difficulty.

  • Awarded for repelling the enemy Hellfire Squadron.

    From what I've heard its the same as the other squadron wipe them out every time you encounter them then on mission 13 you will get the achivement or get it the first time you kill them on hard.

  • Awarded for challenging and eradicating the enemy Night Raven Squadron.

    I'm guessing but not sure since I haven't met anyone that has gotten it like this but if you wipe out the Night Ravens at every encounter on normal and hard you may be able to get patch. As it stands I got it when I cleared mission 14 on hard difficulty.

  • Awarded for great achievement during the campaign to defend the Solar System.

    Clear mission 15 on hard or get an s rank on the mission on any other difficulty.

  • Awarded for heroism in destroying the enemy's main weapon.

    Clear mission 16 on any difficulty.

  • Awarded for shooting down 1,000 enemy fighters and attackers in space combat.

    this can be done it one play through but its not easy the other way to do it is in one save so clear the game and start over keeping your unlocked weapons and your tonage and kills and get 1,000 kills.

  • Awarded for shooting down 10,000 enemy fighters and attackers in space combat.

    this can't be done in one play through the way to do it is in one save so clear the game and start over keeping your unlocked weapons and your tonage and kills and get 10,000 kills. Easiest way to do this is to farm the kills on easy difficulty. Make sure in some of the first missions to try and kill all the fighters not just the ones that are marked as objectives.

  • Awarded for shooting down 100 warships in space combat.

    Self explanatory.

  • Awarded for downing several enemy vessels with a combined weight of one gigaton.

    this can't be done in one play through the way to do it is in one save so clear the game and start over keeping your unlocked weapons and your tonage and kills get. The trick is to focus on killing all warships you can especially the s battleships. this took me about 11 run throughs of the game.

  • Awarded for collecting all usable equipment for the Delta Saber.

    This can be done in one play through if you get S rank on every mission and maximize all your points which is nearly impossible. Best way to do it is to run through the game on easy as you get some weapons unlocked for free and during your second play through you should make enough to buy the last weapons you need.

  • Awarded to the greatest pilots in the TCAF.

    Get all other medals and you will get this one. Some say you need to get all sub objectives as I played the game though 11 times and missed a few of them still and got the achievement.

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