- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 9 (155)
- Online: 3 (45)
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 8-12 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 9 (7 for 1P Puzzle Mode, 1 for Infinity Mode, 1 for CPU Battle Mode)
- Number of missable achievements: 0
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: There are no cheat codes available.
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No.
- Glitchy achievements: 0
- Unobtainable achievements: 0
- Extra equipment needed?: None.

The first thing I would like to note is that if you're looking for this game under "Bust-a-Move Live!" in the Xbox Live Marketplace and cannot find it there, try looking for "PUZZLE BOBBLE Live!" instead. This game has some trouble deciding which of those two names it likes better and depending on your region, it could be in the Marketplace under either of those titles.

Bust-a-Move Live is a fairly simple puzzle game which involves you clearing screens of pre-set puzzles made up of colored bubbles by launching your own bubbles from the bottom of the screen to form combos of 3 or more of the same colored bubbles touching each other. It has multiple game modes and they are described in more detail in the outline below. While some of the puzzles in this game may be quite difficult, the only mode that actually penalizes you for failure is Infinity Mode. If you fail in the 1P Puzzle or CPU Battle modes, you can choose to continue which will allow you to attempt to beat the current puzzle or opponent again. If you fail in Infinity Mode, you can try again, but your time is also reset, meaning you are starting all over again.

Step 1:
The first thing you should do is go to Help & Options in the main menu and check out the "How to Play" section. This is good information for first time Bust-a-Move players and veterans of the series alike, as this will explain all the various game modes, special blocks and bubbles and multiplayer attack types used in the game.

Step 2: 1P Puzzle Mode
This is a good place to start as the initial puzzles you come across are easy, which will allow you to learn how to play the game. There is also no penalty for failure other than having your score reset, but as far as getting all the achievements, that's not going to hurt you.

This is where the minimum of 7 playthroughs comes into play. There are 27 zones to play through in 1P Puzzle mode and every time you clear one zone, you have a choice between two new zones to advance to. Because of these branching paths you will have to play 1P Puzzle mode at least 7 times in order to complete each of the mode's zones.

Be sure to keep track of which zones you play as you go along so you can avoid replaying a zone unnecessarily. Your eventual goal here is to clear all 27 of the game's zones, each of which has 5 puzzles. By the time you're done you will have cleared 135 puzzles.

NOTE: From this point forward, the remaining steps are interchangeable: once you have completed 1P Puzzle mode, you should have a very good grasp of how to play and can do the remaining modes in whichever order you like.

Step 3: Infinity Mode
The second mode is Infinity Mode, which pits you against a never ending wall of bubbles slowly advancing down towards your launcher. Although there is no actual end to this game mode in terms of completing it (it will only end if you fail or quit), you need at least 1 playthrough in which you will need to keep playing for 60 minutes. There is a timer to the left of your playfield you can use to keep track of how long you've been playing and how much longer you have to hang in there.

Step 4: CPU Battle Mode
The third mode is CPU Battle Mode, which pits you in a competitive match against 8 CPU opponents. You will once again be working with a never ending wall of bubbles coming at you, and to win you will have to survive longer than your opponent. You only need 1 playthrough of this mode, because if you should be beaten by the CPU, you can just keep trying again until you do win and move on to the next opponent. Each match will contain 3 rounds, and the first player to win 2 rounds is the winner of the match.

Step 5: Multiplayer
The last mode is 2P Battle Mode, which is the same as CPU Battle Mode except you will be playing against another human opponent. There are no playthroughs for this mode, just matches. Go to Multiplayer in the main menu and play Xbox LIVE matches. You have three goals here: win 1 match, win 5 matches in a row against the same opponent, and play 30 matches.

Once you have completed all of the above steps, if you are still missing any achievements it is likely because of the poor wording of the in-game achievement descriptions. While there are no achievements that are actually glitched in this game, most of the achievement descriptions given by the developers are either too vague or outright incorrect. This may make it seem like an achievement has glitched on you if you complete the game's stated requirements, but chances are you simply haven't fulfilled the unstated requirements yet. Once you know what they are and give them a try, you shouldn't have any troubles unlocking your achievements. Double check with the guide and see what you actually need to do and be sure you did that.

x360a would like to thank mjc0961 for this Road Map

Puzzle Bobble Live Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Clear 1 Zone in 1P Puzzle mode.

    You need to clear all the levels in either Zone A or Zone be in 1P Puzzle Mode. Once you reach the end of the either Zone the achievement will unlock.

    See "The Dream Traveler".
  • Win all matches in CPU Battle mode.

    This may take several attempts and patience, you need to beat all eight AI opponents with CPU Battle Mode.

    You can use any set type that you feel comfortable with, though some will be easier than others. Type C will offer less bubbles, which will make the game easier. Type D offers the rainbow bubbles which the causes the AI struggle with building combos.
  • Win one match in CPU Battle mode.

    Start a match in CPU Battle Mode. Beat the AI in a single match and the achievement will unlock.

    See "Hero of the Day".
  • Clear 1 Route in 1P Puzzle mode.

    Simple Clear a Route in 1P Puzzle Mode and the Achievements is yours.

    See The Dream Traveler for more details.
  • Win all matches in CPU Battle mode.

    For this you need to playthrough 1P Puzzle Mode, and not CPU Battle Mode. You will need to complete all 135 stages and go though all the Zones A-Z.

    This will take seven playthrough in total but this shouldn't take to long to complete. You can either sit down and play through in one go, or break it up into several playthroughs.

    Recommended Playthrough Patterns: 1: A, C, F, J, O, U
    2: B, D, G, K, P, V
    3: B, E, H, L, Q, W
    4: B, E, I, M, R, ?
    5: B, E, I, N, S, X
    6: B, E, I, N, T, Y
    7: B, E, I, N, T,Z
    If you use the above patterns to progress through the 1P Puzzle Mode you should complete this game mode with ease.
  • Play in Infinity mode for 60 consecutive minutes.

    This may sound rather tedious but really doesn't require much effort. Select Infinity Mode and take your time. You can either play the game as intended, or take your time, line up your shots and allow the launcher to fire the bubbles for you after 10 seconds.

    Once you have played for 60 minutes the achievement will unlock.
  • Destroy bubbles by bouncing a bubble 3 times.

    While in any game mode aim to the far left or far right, then fire the bubble against the wall. You can either line up your shots or take a gamble and fire off bubbles at random.

    I suggest that you wait until you have a large amount of the same bubbles, then launch the same coloured bubble as you will have more chance of hitting your target.
  • Break through at least 30 bubbles.

    You don't need to break 30 bubbles, causing bubbles to drop also counts towards this. You may earn this with natural progression, though you can use the following technique to earn this quickly.

    Load Zone B-2 and clear one side of the bubble group so you can access the green bubbles with ease. Once you have a clear shot at the green bubbles, fill up the opposite side of the screen. Once you have 30 or so bubbles on one side, you can destroy the green bubbles and cause all the others to drop. If you have managed to do this correctly the achievement will unlock.
  • Clear any stage in 5 seconds or less.

    You will need to aim carefully and make split second decisions to do this quickly, though the first few stages are very easy. You shouldn't have any trouble earning this achievement. Load either Zone A or B and complete the first stage as fast as possible.
  • Play 30 player matches.

    Either find a friend or use the Achievement Trading Thread to find a boosting partner. Once you have a second player load up a player match and play through 30 games together. It doesn't matter if you win or loose, though you can both help each other earn "A Rocky Friendship" while going for this achievement.
  • Win 5 player matches.

    Start a player match with a friend and win five games. This is simple enough but it also counts towards "A Rock-Steady Friendship".

    See "A Rock-Steady Friendship".
  • Win one Xbox LIVE Match.

    Either play online with a friend through a player match or join a ranked game and win. This may take some trial and error unless you have someone to boost with.

    Note: If this won't unlock in a player match switch over to ranked games.

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