Tinkerer Achievement

  • Tinkerer



    Construct 50 Engineering Items

    There are different items you can create in the game through Engineering. You must have the schematic/recipe first and most will come as you do quests. The easiest item to make is a Bandage. You will get this early on in the game. You only need 2 items (Antiseptic Forumula and Cloth Rags). They are inexpensive. 

    Example: Buy 50 Cloth Rags and 50 Antiseptic Formula. This will cost you a total of $600 with discount, more if not. Go into Engineering in the menu and make the bandages. The achievement unlocks after exiting the screen.

  • The cost of ingredients for the bandages equals the price the bandages sell for you can infinitely loop buying, crafting, and selling this real early
  • yeah if you make like 1 and die and do it again, it counts as 2, so if you want it quick jjust make alot then die and make it again afterwards, easy 20g.
  • Or buy the ingredients for the bandages, make them, then sell them for the same price the ingredients cost. You can do 50 quickly. It works on the lock grinder too but you can't do as many per dollar.
  • easiest achievements ever
  • Super Easy...even if you're not trying to do it, you will likely (on accident) get this one as you make things during the course of the game.
  • Very easy-already had 3 items made and got this after making 20 more items and then re-laoded my save as had sold something by accident. Made another 20 items and bang! It pops!?? God knows why after only 43 but you won't see me complaining!! ;D

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